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Given the unfolding situation relating to COVID-19 in Australia and across the world, here at the City of Charles Sturt we want to be proactive and clear about how we can stay healthy and are making changes to the way we do things. We will continue to provide updates to the services and events that are impacted along with the latest information and recommendations from WHO, SA Health and the Government.

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Works on Public Road

Permit for Driveway Crossover, Stormwater Outlet & Underground Services

An engineering permit is required if you want to do things like:

  • install, widen or repair driveway crossover
  • install or repair existing stormwater outlet
  • lay underground services

You can look at our Engineering Standard Drawings which provide detailed information you need to construct or reinstate infrastructure assets.

Please note the work will be inspected on completion and any unsatisfactory work shall be removed and replaced at owner’s expense.

There is a non-refundable Application Fee of $50 per permit type/per property which must be paid upon submission of your application. This fee is not required if the driveway has been approved as part of the Development Application.

If a tree needs to be removed, additional fees will apply. Council's Development and Permits Officer will advise you of these once your application has been received.

  1. Read the relevant Terms and Conditions: Driveway Crossover,  Private Stormwater, Underground Services.
  2. Complete the Application Form
    You will need to supply the following information with your application:
    • Certificate of Currency showing a minimum twenty million dollars ($20,000,000) Public Liability Insurance.
      Note: Tax invoices are not considered sufficient evidence of a Public Liability Insurance Policy.
    • Plan of proposed installation indicating whether the following will impose on the design.
      - Footpath
      - Council Trees or Vegetation
      - Stobie Poles
      - Existing Driveway Crossover
      - Existing Stormwater Outlets
      - Stormwater Drainage Pits
      - Telstra Pits
      - Bus Stops & Shelters
      - Distance between any of the above to the Location of Works

Plan of proposed works - example

We'll let you know by email when we've received your application.

The assessment process happens within 10 to 15 business days and includes:

  • confirmation of your application
  • investigation of your proposed activity

If there is a tree on Council verge in the way of works, or within 2m of the proposed works, it will require an assessment by Council's Technical Arboriculture Officer. Please allow an additional 5 days in the approval process. Please note that under no circumstances will trenching on both sides of a tree trunk be allowed.

If the tree is required to be removed, all amenity costs will be charged back to the Applicant. A Tax Invoice for tree removal will be provided together with the permit approval. Please note that all removal and stump grinding works will be organised by Council's Arboriculture Team upon payment of the invoice.

On approval, you will be provided with a permit confirming the approved activity and the conditions.

The permit is valid for 12 months after the date of issue.

Engineering Standard Drawings

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