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We value our trees and environment in the City of Charles Sturt. All trees and streetscapes owned or under Charles Sturt care are maintained according to our Tree and Vegetation Policy.

Trees are maintained through our Whole Street Pruning Program

Tree removal on council property

If you believe a tree needs removal, you must make an application in writing. Your application must clearly state the reasons why the tree should be removed. Include any supporting information. The application will be formally assessed in accordance with our Tree and Streetscape Policy.

Our qualified staff take into consideration the health, condition, structural integrity, risk level and management options of the tree. They will compare all this information against specific criteria.

If a tree is in good health, all alternative measures should be investigated. Legislative requirements must also be fulfilled. You must provide a valid reason for the removal of a tree.

The policy also states a valid reason will not include:

  • householder preference for no street tree or for a different species
  • complaints about appearance (unless these are related to very poor tree health or structure)
  • interruption of view
  • interruption of view to advertising/signage
  • complaints about leaf litter, twigs or other debris
  • complaints relating to tree roots protruding above the ground or competing with lawns
  • bird or animal noise and associated mess
  • shading of solar panels

Tree removal on private property

Property owners are responsible for trees on their land. This includes trees that interfere with power lines for personal power supply. It is your responsibility to maintain vegetation so it doesn't interfere with power lines.

If a privately owned tree is overhanging the fence, verge or footpath and is interfering with the power lines above Council land, SA Power Networks will prune the tree. If a Council owned tree has limbs that are interfering with the power lines, SA Power Networks must be contacted to organise for the tree to be pruned.

If you would like to apply to have a tree planted, here's what you need to know.

  • Street tree planting is carried out on a by-request basis.
  • Requests are only accepted from the ratepayer of the requesting property address.
  • Requests must be received by the end of August each year.
  • Trees are planted in streetscapes from July to the end of September. The wet and cool months means the ground is moist and for improved establishment.
  • You will be supplied with a bucket, gloves, information sheet and liquid fertiliser to help look after the tree.
  • There are no costs involved with applying for street tree planting.
  • You must agree to water the tree for a minimum of the first 3 years, to assist in the establishment of the tree.

What we consider

We take a holistic approach to streetscapes and tree planting.

We consider the following elements in planning streetscapes:

  • plant characteristics, like a tree’s tolerance in paved surfaces, pest and disease resistance, life span, root growth and litter
  • available growing space which includes street and verge width
  • growing conditions (soil type, aspect)
  • a minimum 1 metre footpath width for pedestrians and wheelchairs
  • having suitable clearances to minimise interference to underground and overhead services
  • the amount of vegetation overhang from private property that could limit tree growth and form
  • having suitable clearances from driveway crossovers
  • availability of tree species
  • neighbouring and surrounding landscape character

Refer to our Path Policy for more information.

Tree selection 

Trees are selected from existing dominant tree species in the street. If the tree species is not on the current list, another tree species can be chosen. If the existing tree species is too large for the verge an alternate tree species may be selected depending on location.


You can request consultation over tree-planting. Consultation occurs with residents if there is a problem with the location or if they nominate a tree species that is inappropriate.

If a request is received for Whole Street Planting, this is listed for consideration and a drive through inspection is made to assess suitability. If not selected for a particular year, it rolls over to the next year for consideration.

Complete a Contact Form or email us at Note the specific location, nature of the request and your contact details.

If it is an immediate hazard please contact us on 8408 1111.

For pruning of trees through power lines contact SA Power Networks on 131 261.

This policy includes:

  • Reactive Tree Maintenance

This is for if there is a risk to public safety or property or activities like emergency road works.

  • Programmed Maintenance Works

This can be to reduce risk or extend the life and amenity of the tree or streetscape. Maintains or enhances biodiversity and habitat. This includes the Whole Street Pruning and Reactive Street Tree Planting Programs.

  • Whole Street Planting

Ensures a consistent and uniform planting approach. We select streets based on condition of existing trees, or streets with no trees that have planting locations or nature strips where we could plant new trees.

Our annual Whole Street Planting Program for 2021 includes 30 residential streets which will be planted with semi-advanced trees.  The streets selected for the 2021 planting season include:

  • Beverley, Golding Street
  • Flinders Park, Rawlings Avenue
  • Kidman Park, Rosemont Street
  • Kidman Park, Canino Drive & Cork Street
  • Kidman Park, Elm Street (off Canino Drive)
  • Seaton, Munro Avenue
  • Seaton, Dundee Avenue
  • Fulham Gardens, Jan Street
  • Fulham Gardens, Lancaster Avenue
  • Kidman Park & Fulham Gardens, Browning Avenue
  • Fulham Gardens, Byron Court (off Browning Avenue)
  • Seaton, Troon Avenue
  • Seaton, Isabel Court (off Troon Avenue)
  • Grange, Charles Sturt Avenue (Fort Street to Terminus Street)
  • West Beach, Mayfair Drive
  • West Lakes Shore, Manly Circuit
  • West Lakes, Katcomba Court
  • West Lakes, Woodlake Avenue
  • Seaton, Mitchell Street West
  • Albert Park, Selth Street (Willowie Street to Nesbit Street)
  • Hendon, Andrew Street (Avro Avenue to Dehavilland Avenue)
  • Royal Park, Symonds Street
  • Woodville West, Alma Terrace (May Street to Emily Street)
  • Woodville West, Pitman Avenue (May Street to Alma Terrace)
  • Woodville South, Godson Street
  • Cheltenham, Colston Street
  • Woodville North, Woodmore Street
  • Woodville Park, Jeanette Street
  • Pennington, Wynette Street (Addison Road to 19 Wynette Street)
  • Pennington, Alfred Street

Residents within these streets will be notified in writing and consultation will be undertaken during September and October 2020.

More information

Read our Tree and Streetscape Management Plan.

Call Customer Contact on 8408 1111 or Live Chat on our website.