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Community engagement

Do you live, work or have an interest in Charles Sturt? Are you interested in having your say on important matters that occur within our Council area?

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Your Say Charles Sturt is our online community engagement hub. The hub provides opportunity to have your say on important matters that occur within our Council area. Your Say Charles Sturt is a convenient way to share ideas and discuss important topics and issues that shape and impact our city. By participating you can actively contribute to and inform Council's decision making. View the projects and proposals at Your Say Charles Sturt.

On our community engagement hub we promote our:

  • face to face engagement activities (e.g. upcoming workshops and community open days), and
  • online engagement activities (e.g. online surveys, discussion forums and interactive maps).

You can search projects by interest area or suburb. For example, you can search ‘Waste and Recycling’ projects or projects in the suburb of ‘Henley Beach’.

Projects are displayed under three main headings:

  • Open – Projects currently open for community feedback;
  • Active – Projects in progress but not currently inviting community feedback; and
  • Closed – Completed projects available for reference.

Sign Up to join our online community!

We encourage you to sign up and become part of our Charles Sturt online community Your Say Charles Sturt. Once signed up you can follow projects that interest you, and we can keep you connected with project updates.

We actively promote face to face community engagement activities; however, this does not suit everyone all of the time. There is certainly a place for online engagement as it allows you to have your say at a time and place convenient to you, and you can use different devices (iPad, mobile phone and personal computer).

Advantages of online community engagement:

  • You don't have to attend a community event at a set time and place, instead you can explore and contribute when it suits you.
  • It is a quick and convenient way for you to have your say.
  • Sometimes the processes we use enable you to see in ‘real time’ what other community members think about an issue or topic, you can then respond with your views and engage in the discussion.
  • It allows a wide range of people with diverse backgrounds and views to discuss matters that impact on their community.
  • You can return at any time to check on the progress of a project and look at projects on the go.

Community engagement is important, it helps us

  • Understand community values.
  • Hear diverse voices and views in our community.
  • Identify emerging issues.
  • Tap into your local knowledge.
  • Shape outcomes to be practical and relevant.
  • Find ways for Council and community to work together.
  • Create greater ownership of outcomes.
  • Foster a sense of belonging in our community.

For more information on community engagement or Your Say Charles Sturt contact our Community Engagement Coordinator on 8408 1111.