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We have asset management plans to renew existing paths and to create new paths.

Here's what we're spending on paths in 2020/21:

  • Path renewals: $2,525,000
  • New paths: $500,000

See a list of new paths proposed for construction in 2020/21.

See a list of path renewals proposed for construction in 2020/21.

We maintain around 930km of paths in the City of Charles Sturt. They are constructed for safe and convenient walking in and along main roads, local streets and in parks and reserves.

Paths are constructed using different materials like clay, concrete pavers, concrete slabs and bitumen. In some places specialised surfaces are used like exposed aggregate concrete.

Charles Sturt is replacing all kerb ramps and constructing new ones to meet Disability Discrimination Act compliant standards. This means they are not too steep so people with a mobility disability can safely travel over them.

Our Paths Asset Management Plan helps us plan the management and maintenance of our paths for community safety and amenity. This is part of our service to the community. We work to create the most cost effective infrastructure asset management.

The key elements of infrastructure asset management are:

  • providing a defined level of service and monitoring performance
  • managing the impact of growth through demand management and infrastructure investment
  • taking a life-cycle approach to developing cost-effective management strategies for the long-term that meet the defined level of service
  • identifying, assessing and appropriately controlling risks
  • having a long-term financial plan which identifies required, affordable expenditure and how it will be financed

We try to provide a path on at least on one side of most streets. Our Path Policy is our main guide in the decision making process, however there are ways that you can influence the process.

Please submit your request for a path in writing. The path program for the next 5 years has been planned, however depending on your specific circumstances your request may be given special consideration.

If you have any further queries about paths, contact our Coordinator Transport Strategy and Assets by email or by phone on 8408 1111.

Certain activities associated with development sites require approvals separate from the Development Approval process. This includes any activity which is undertaken on public land.

Some activities that require Council approval can include:

  • installing electrical services beneath a footpath
  • installing stormwater pipes (drains) beneath a footpath
  • placing an industrial bin or building materials on Council land
  • erecting a hoarding or scaffold on Council land
  • activities that obstruct footpaths or roadways, such as the placing of cranes or other plant equipment or the operation of a concrete pump
  • protecting a building site/work area
  • temporarily closing a road/footpath

See Public Space Occupation and Works on Public Road for more information on development approvals.