COVID-19 Update

Given the unfolding situation relating to COVID-19 in Australia and across the world, here at the City of Charles Sturt we want to be proactive and clear about how we can stay healthy and are making changes to the way we do things. We will continue to provide updates to the services and events that are impacted along with the latest information and recommendations from WHO, SA Health and the Government.

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Dog on and off lead areas

Dogs on leads

Dogs must be on a lead (2 metres or less) in any public space. This includes roads, footpaths, paths, squares or other public spaces unless otherwise stated. It also includes a private place without the consent of the occupier.

Regardless of the space, dogs must be on a lead (2 metres or less) within 5 metres of any playground.

Dogs must be on a lead in these parks and reserves:

  • Collins Reserve - Valetta Road, Fulham Gardens
  • Carnarvon Reserve - Kingsley Avenue, West Croydon
  • Nedford Reserve - Nedford Crescent, Fulham Gardens
  • Jubilee Park - Bartley Terrace, West Lakes Shore (during organised sporting activities)
  • Parfitt Square - Drayton Street, Brompton
  • Nancy Fischer Reserve - Hurcombe Street, West Beach
  • Tatura Crescent Reserve - Tatura Crescent, Fulham Gardens
  • West Lakes walking path (walkway abutting lake)
  • Port Road median strip area
  • Freshwater Lake duck pond - West Lakes Boulevard, West Lakes
  • Toledo Reserve - Toledo Avenue, West Beach
  • Henley Square - Henley Beach
  • St Clair Oval 2 - Woodville Road, Woodville

Where can my dog be off lead?

There are dog friendly reserves, parks and times on the foreshore where dogs can be off lead if they are under effective control.

This means your dog needs to be under voice control, within sight and near you at all times.

If you can’t call your dog away from another person or dog, don’t let them off lead yet.

Please also be courteous of others sharing the off lead space with you. Call your dog away from other dogs or people, unless they are obviously seeking interaction.

All reserves are default off lead zones for dogs under effective control (excluding those above, or unless otherwise signed).

Off lead dog parks within Charles Sturt:

  • Tedder Reserve Pooch Park - Findon Road, Flinders Park (Toilet facilities and off-street parking)
  • Sam Johnson Reserve Puppy Park - Bollingbroke Avenue, Renown Park
  • Albert Greenshields Dog Park - Greenshields Place, Brompton (Toilet facilities and off-street parking, two separate dog areas)
  • St Clair Dog Park, Torrens Road, Pennington
  • St Clair Oval 3 and 4**, St Clair Recreation Reserve - Woodville Road, Woodville

**During sporting events St Clair Oval 3 and 4 are on lead zones

These parks are open all hours, have public lighting, and are for dogs under effective control.

Regardless of the space, dogs must be on a lead (two metres or less) within five metres of any playground.

Lead laws on the foreshore

Dogs must be on lead (2 metres or less) on the foreshore (Semaphore Park to West Beach) between 10am and 8pm during daylight savings period (approximately October to April).

Outside of those times, dogs may be off lead on the foreshore if they are under effective control.

Regardless of the space, dogs must be on a lead (two metres or less) within 5 metres of any playground.