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Food safety for business

Our vibrant Charles Sturt community has hundreds of amazing cafes, restaurants and food producers. As a food business owner, you have certain responsibilities and obligations.

Opening a new business?

You must notify Council of all food handling operations.

We can book a pre-opening inspection free of charge to give you advice about design and layout, and tips for handling food safely.

You may also require planning approval to open a new business.

Food safety and standards

Read our Food Safety Information Kit for tips and advice about food safety and standards.

A food business is any business that handles or sells any type of food or drink. It could be commercial, charitable, community, or a once-off occasion.

Regardless of how big or small your business is, you must comply with the Food Act 2001 and the Food Standards required for food businesses in Australia.

The City of Charles Sturt's Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) conduct routine inspections to ensure compliance with food safety standards. They're out in the community to provide guidance and advice on food safety for business owners.

Food businesses are required to ensure that all staff have adequate food handling skills and knowledge.

To help, we offer a free online food safety training with I'M A.L.E.R.T or Do Food Safely.

The programs have a series of presentations and interactive tasks about Food Safety.

Each program takes less than two hours to complete and will provide you a certificate once completed.

To get started, visit I'M A.L.E.R.T or Do Food Safely.

Need technical help? Assistance is available for both I’M A.L.E.R.T and Do Food Safely.

The Food Safety Rating Scheme lets you make informed choices about where to eat. The City of Charles Sturt is participating in the voluntary state-wide scheme created by SA Health.

5 Stars = Excellent
4 Stars = Very Good
3 Stars = Good

Businesses who receive a rating of less than 3 stars are not eligible for participation in the Scheme.

Read more about the Food Safety Rating Scheme.

Our EHOs regularly inspect food businesses within the City of Charles Sturt. This ensures they comply with the South Australian Food Act, Food Regulations and the National Food Safety Standards.

The Deliciously Safe program recognises and rewards businesses who achieve excellent compliance at the routine inspections. Deliciously Safe awards businesses who are not eligible to receive a star rating under the state-wide Food Safety Rating Scheme.

For excellent compliance, businesses receive a sticker and certificate. This allows the customer to recognise their compliant status. You can be confident that the business has met food safety requirements. The sticker reflects compliant status at time of inspection.

You can read our Deliciously Safe Business Guide and Community Guide.

Deliciously Safe FAQ

Deliciously safeHow long is the sticker/certificate valid for?
The majority of food businesses within the City are inspected annually, however this frequency may be altered depending on the risk classification of the business. For example, a business that manufacturers high risk foods may be inspected on a 3 to 6 monthly basis, whilst a business that sells low risks foods may be inspected on a 18 to 24 monthly basis. Most businesses would be aware of their inspection frequency, therefore if you are interested in identifying their inspection frequency in relation to their sticker, simply ask the business.

It is important to be aware that the Deliciously Safe sticker reflects the excellent compliant status of the business at the time of inspection, which is specified on the sticker.

Are all businesses eligible?
Some business sectors within the City are not eligible for the recognition of their fully compliant status through the Deliciously Safe Program as detailed below:

  • Businesses captured under the State-based Food Safety Rating Scheme, including but not limited to food service businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, take-away shops, hotels and retail bakeries;
  • Businesses that serve vulnerable populations (child care centres, aged care facilities, delivered meals organisations and hospitals) are subject to food safety audits, rather than routine food premises inspections, therefore they cannot be found to have excellent compliance at a routine inspection; and
  • Food businesses that simply sell pre-packaged nominal risk foods are also not eligible for this program. Businesses that may fall into this category include chemists, video stores, gyms and food distributors who do not retail to the public and only distribute nominal risk foods.

For further information regarding the Deliciously Safe program, please contact Council's Environmental Health Department on 8408 1111.

Downloadable social distancing signs are available below for assistance in keeping your business safe.

This resource can also help you calculate the safe number of people permitted for the size of your room.

More information

To learn more about food safety, visit SA Health.

Environmental Health Team
8408 1111