Mayoral Message

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On behalf of the Charles Sturt Council, including our Elected Members, staff and our residents, I welcome you to the City of Charles Sturt. Our City is a vibrant, diverse and historic City in the western suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.

Our City occupies a unique position in Adelaide, home to heritage and character filled suburbs extending from the city to the sea. With a current population of over 120,000 people made up of over 105 diverse cultures and backgrounds, our City is proud to represent many different residents that come together to form the Charles Sturt community.

We took our name from the famous explorer Captain Charles Sturt, who travelled all over Australia, eventually making his home in Grange, a suburb within our City. Many people who have made significant contributions to South Australia have called this area home. They join thousands of residents who, through their pride in where they live and their sense of community, continue to enrich our beautiful City.

Our City provides a wide range of opportunities for housing, business, sporting and leisure activities. We are proud to protect and enjoy 11.5 kilometres of metropolitan coastline, and are committed to developing wetlands and recreation areas to reflect our focus on environmental sustainability and protection.

As well as our commitment to developing sustainable and special communities, we aim to celebrate and make use of our sporting and entertainment facilities that attract international events to our City. We are focused on making our City a destination to connect with and enjoy for our residents and for visitors into the area.

As a Council we look to connect with the wider community in new and different ways, building on the special attributes that make Charles Sturt a great place to live. I encourage you to get to know the Elected Members, whose profiles are all on this website, together we are honoured to represent the residents of Charles Sturt.

Angela Evans