Bins - Waste, Recycling and Organics

Learn more about your household waste and recycling service.

Click each bin to find out what goes where or visit the A-Z of Recycling.

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  • Put bins out by 6am on the day of pick up.
  • Bring bins in within 24 hours of collection.
  • Face each bin in the right direction with wheels towards the house.
  • Keep at least 30cm clear around each bin.
  • Place them where they will not be in the way of pedestrians and road users.
  • Place the right material in the right bin.
  • Don't pack waste too tight.
  • Don't overfill your bin (max. weight 75 kg).
  • Keep the bin lid closed.

Some apartments, flats and units use shared bins.

If your building has large, four-wheeled bins there is a different process.

In most cases  you will not need to place these on the kerb for collection. This is done for you by your Strata and by Council’s contractors.

Where do I put my waste?

Some developments have waste placed directly into the bins themselves. Some have a dedicated waste room or a chute system.

If you are unsure, contact your building manager.

Tidy tips:

Hard waste 

In most cases, residents of flats and apartments can use our hard waste service.

However, not all sites have suitable space for storage and collection of hard waste. In this case, you are not able to book a hard waste collection. You need to make separate arrangements to dispose of waste.

You can drop items off at the Beverley Recycling & Waste Centre. Or speak to your building manager for private waste removal.

More information

Waste hotline 
8295 5077