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Recycled water

Recycled stormwater

We're using recycled stormwater throughout the City of Charles Sturt. We can now harvest, treat and distribute recycled stormwater to save water and protect our natural environment.

Our 'purple pipe' or 'lilac pipe' system brings water to homes, businesses and parklands in the Charles Sturt community.

Learn more by reading our Recycled Water Householders Guide.

Recycled water:

  • keeps gardens healthy and lush, even during a drought
  • recycled water is not subject to the same water restrictions during drought periods
  • conserves water in our reservoirs and the river Murray
  • reduces water use for watering gardens and washing cars
  • protects our marine environment by reducing stormwater discharge

You can use recycled water for:

  • flushing toilets
  • watering gardens
  • washing cars
  • cleaning paving
  • filling ornamental ponds and water features (without fish)

You can't use recycled water for:

  • drinking, cooking or other kitchen purposes
  • baths, showers, hand basins and bidets
  • indoor household cleaning
  • filling swimming pools and spas
  • recreational activities involving contact (ie children playing under sprinklers)
  • evaporative coolers
  • pets

New connections

Connect your new home to recycled water.

You or your plumber must:

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Existing connections

If you’ve just bought a new home, you can connect your recycled water.

Home buyers should fill out:

Home sellers should:

  • Advise new owners of any recycled water connections.
  • Complete a Request for Meter Reading no later than 48 hours before the property settlement occurs (additional charges can occur).

Relocating, Modifying or Removing Existing Connections

You may need to modify, expand or remove existing recycled water connections. This may happen if you move premises or renovate your house.

If you need to make changes, please contact our Water Business Unit Coordinator on 8408 1111. We can discuss your needs.

Then, you can lodge an application for recycled water service relocation, augmentation of extinguishment.

For information on charges for recycled water, read our Fees and Charges Register.

An audit inspection must be completed every five years or when a property is sold. This is to check that drinking water and recycled water stay separate and there is no cross connection.

The inspection is done by a qualified and licensed plumber. They must issue a cross connection audit certificate and send copies to Council and the Office of the Technical Regulator within seven days of the test.

Council can also arrange the audit. To book this please call us on 8408 1111.

Our Quick Reference Guide helps you deal with enquiries, complaints and dispute resolution.

Homes in the Bowden development that are connected to recycled water receive recycled water from SA Water.

For general information about recycled water in the Bowden development, please visit SA Water.

To contact SA Water in the event of supply interruptions to recycled water in the Bowden development, please call 1300 883 121.

Our Water Proofing the West Stage 1 Project was joint-funded by the Australian Federal Government, State Government and Charles Sturt. Read more about Water Proofing the West.

The Essential Services Commission of South Australia issued Charles Sturt a South Australian Water Industry Retail Licence on 9 January 2013, allowing Council to retail water to residents and businesses.

More Information

Project Engineer - Civil and Stormwater
8408 1111