Computers, WiFi & Printing


Public Internet PCs can be booked for 1 hour per day. You can extend this booking by an extra 1 hour if the computers are not heavily booked.

The PCs have internet access, USB ports, the Microsoft Office suite of programs, and photo editing software.

Phone 8408 1333 to book a computer.

Express Internet PCs can be used for 15 minutes. You can extend this booking by an extra 15 minutes if the PC is not required by another user. Express Internet PCs cannot be pre-booked.

Free wifi

Free wifi access is available in the any of the 5 Charles Sturt libraries. To access the Public Library RF Network you will need the Public Library RF Access Passkey. Ask our staff.

To use wifi you need an active South Australian Public Library card, and you will also need to know your PIN.

Wireless printing, photocopying & scanning

Colour and black and white and photocopying is available at all libraries.

Printing and scanning costs

Black and white cost per page

  • A4 - $0.20
  • A3 - $0.30

Colour cost per page

  • A4 - $1.00
  • A3 - $2.00

Photographs and documents can be scanned at all of the Charles Sturt library branches.

Wireless Printing Instructions:

  • In the address bar, type in:
  • Enter your library card (use a capital X)
  • Choose the file you want to print
  • Wait until the status of the job changes to 'waiting for release'
  • Swipe library card in card reader on right side of copier
  • To release your jobs select '2' then wait for them to be dispensed from the printer
  • Press 'finish' (the red button) to end your session

Computer & Internet Training

We have various workshop sessions available, from email basics to advanced photo imaging. Learn more about

Workshop sessions ranging from email basics to advanced photo imaging are run through out the year. For further information contact our Library Call Centre on 8408 1333 or visit What's On at the Libraries.

Our Digital Hub is a community-based computer training and internet access point containing a number of internet ready computers.