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Reclaim Pipes 16Pricing

Recycled water pricing is set and approved annually by Council.  These charges are published in Council's Fees and Charges Register that is available below.  Councils’ pricing schedule is set in accordance with regulatory requirements set by the Essential Services Commission of South Australia.

Fees and Charges Register (561 kb)

Hardship Policy for Residential Recycled Water Customers (153 kb)


Following the SA Water 2017-18 Pricing Announcement, Council has determined our Interim Water Supply charge for the 2017-18 pricing period at $2.91 per k/litre effective from 1 July 2017.

Pricing set for the 2016-17 period reflected a subsidised ‘pass through’ rate of supplying customers with water purchased from SA Water prior to the production and distribution of available recycled water. This arrangement will continue for the near future until recycled water is available.

Due to the number of customers now connected to the recycled water network, and Council’s desire to continue to provide customers with a subsidised rate prior to the production of our own recycled water supplies being available, the interim recycled water usage charge has increased 2% for the 2017-18 financial year.   This charge still remains approximately 12% cheaper than the Tier 2 SA Water charge of $3.30.

All customer meters will be read on 30 June and usage charges will be apportioned between the two tariff rates on your next water account.

Council looks forward to providing customers with a cheaper, environmentally sound source of recycled water in the very near future.

For any further information about recycled water charges, please contact the Water Business Unit Coordinator on 8408 1111.

Billing and Meter Reading Cycles

Accounts are issued twice a year. Each account will contain an apportioned annual service charge and water usage charges for the previous 6 month period.

What information is on my account?

Accounts will display the following information to assist you in understanding your recycled water usage.

  • Debtor ID – this is your recycled water account number.
  • Date of Issue – the date Council issued the account.
  • Due Date – this is the date by which your account is to be paid.
  • Previous Balance – the amount outstanding from your last account.
  • Amount Paid – any money paid since the issue of your last account.
  • Apportioned Annual Supply Maintenance Charge – this is the annual supply maintenance charge apportioned for the previous 6 month period.
  • Usage Charge – this is the amount of metered recycled water that you have used in this meter reading cycle.
  • Methods of Payment – the options for paying your account.
  • Financial Hardship – if you are experiencing financial difficulties you are urged to contact Council to discuss your situation.
  • Water Usage Comparisons – shows your recycled water usage from the same period last year.  This helps you to monitor your usage and become more water efficient.
  • Meter No – this is the individual identification number stamped on your water meter.
  • Dates of Meter Readings – shows the date your meter was read and the approximate date of your next meter reading.

Payment Options

Council are able to offer a range of payment options to customers.  These options include:

  • Credit Card – by either returning the payment slip attached to your account, over the phone or over the counter at our Civic office in Woodville.
  • Cash – at our Civic office in Woodville or any of our library branches – Hindmarsh, Henley Beach, Findon and West Lakes
  • Cheque – by mail or over the counter at our Civic office in Woodville or any library

What can I do if I can’t pay my account?

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and are unable to pay your account by the due date you are urged to contact Council as soon as possible to discuss your individual situation. Council will work with you to develop a payment plan to suit your personal situation.  You may also wish to enquire about your ability to receive a State Government Concession by contacting Department for Families and Communities on 1800 307 758 or online at

Reclaim Pipes 45Compliments, Complaints, Suggestions?

At the City of Charles Sturt we value your opinion and feedback.  If you would like to lodge a complaint, compliment or provide feedback and suggestions about Charles Sturt Recycled Water please feel free to contact our office on 8408 1111 or online.

Dispute Resolution

In the event that you feel you have been unable to resolve an issue with Council relating to the provision of Recycled Water and your matter has been investigated in accordance with Councils Complaint Resolution process, you can have your issue investigated by the Energy & Water Ombudsman.  Their web page can be found at and contact phone number 1800 665 565.

Further Information

For further information please contact our Water Business Unit Coordinator on 8408 1111.