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There are different parking options throughout the City of Charles Sturt. Some high demand areas have time limit parking. Please check the signs each time you park as on-street parking zones may change at any time and different rules may apply at certain times.

Here's some information on popular parking spots in our City.

Civic Centre

Parking is available behind the Woodville Civic Centre and across the road from the Woodville Town Hall.

Adelaide Entertainment Centre and Park'n'Ride

Our premier entertainment destination has 1400 car park spaces for concertgoers. During the work week, it's a convenient and affordable parking solution for City commuters.

Henley Beach

There is a range of free time limit and unrestricted parking around Henley Beach. There are two Council-owned car parks immediately North and South of Henley Square available free for 3 hours.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

There are time limit zones and unrestricted parking areas in the residential streets around the hospital. These are available for residents, visitors and workers. The hospital has some free and paid parking options.

St Clair Recreation Centre

St Clair is a popular meeting place, being the home of the St Clair Recreation centre, the Immunisation Clinic and the North West Junior Soccer Association. There are a range of parking restrictions in place including yellow lines to help maintain safe traffic flow.  Parking is available at the St Clair Recreation centre car park, as well as at the Council Civic Centre a short walk away.

Camping or sleeping overnight on the road, public car parks or Council reserves is not permitted in the City of Charles Sturt. This includes sleeping in your vehicle.

Illegal camping can impact the community. This includes public safety, litter and damage to reserves. If you camp overnight on a road, car park or reserve, you may get a fine.

For information on where you can camp legally in South Australia:

If your property has no off-street parking, you may be eligible for a residential parking permit. Council considers permits when there is no street parking, none can be reasonably provided, and the area experiences high on street parking demand.

Learn more about Residential Parking.

We have implemented a comprehensive traffic management and parking scheme in the streets surrounding schools in Charles Sturt to keep children safe and manages traffic flow during peak periods. Our Community Safety Officers conduct inspections throughout the year.

Learn more about our School Safety Program.

At Charles Sturt, there are parking rules to keep our community safe.

  • Read the signs and look out for any road line markings.
  • Don't park on footpaths or footpath ramps.
  • Don't park across or partly blocking driveways.

The following rules apply at intersections and bus stops

(unless otherwise signed):

  • Park at least 10 metres from an intersection without traffic lights.
  • If there are traffic lights, park at least 20 metres away from the intersection.
  • Park at least 20 metres behind a bus stop, or at least 10 metres in front.

If you believe a parking control is needed in your area, please contact us on 8408 1111.

These are rules and legislation that help us keep our community safe.

Council has the power to remove vehicles that have been left for a period of more than 24 hours, if they have been deemed abandoned. This is under Section 237 of the Local Government Act.

A vehicle parked on a public road will not be taken to be abandoned if the vehicle owner lives in the area. This is only if the vehicle is parked without contravening parking restrictions.

Only police have the authority to expiate an owner if a vehicle is unregistered.

Read our Vehicle Tow Away Policy.