Provisional Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

Making Charles Sturt accessible and inclusive for all

People living with disability should be able to access and participate in all aspects of our society, including mainstream services and programs.

It is important that our community feel welcomed and included, and our plans, programs and facilities take people of all ages and abilities into account.

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Our Provisional Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

Our Provisional Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) explores ways that physical and social barriers can be removed to create opportunities for people living with disability. It is a living document therefore this provisional version is in place whilst we further go out to our community for consultation and feedback.

Our Plan is based on the four themes in the State Disability Inclusion Plan 2019-2023 being:

  • Inclusive communities for all – ensuring opportunity for full inclusion in social, economic, sporting and cultural life.
  • Leadership and collaboration – promoting ways we can engage, participate and lead in a meaningful way.
  • Accessible communities – creating places, services and events that are easy to navigate and socially inclusive.
  • Learning and employment – ensuring we have the skills we need to meaningfully support people to maximise their potential.

Over the next four years our Plan will guide improvements to access and inclusion for our community.

Read our Provisional Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

We encourage your feedback

Community feedback on our DAIP begins Monday 30 November 2020 and closes at 5pm, Monday 22 February 2021. 

During our community consultation period we will invite community comment on our Plan. Once community consultation commences on Monday 30 November 2020 more information on our Plan and ways to have a say will be available at or you can contact Council on 8408 1111.

Take this opportunity to talk about your experiences and ideas.

  • What makes you feel included and connected?
  • How accessible and inclusive do you find Charles Sturt’s facilities, open spaces and programs?
  • How can we make our City and neighbourhoods more accessible and inclusive?