Asset Management Team

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Jan Cornish: General Manager of Asset Management Team

Jan has worked in Local Government for 16 years. She's been with us at the City of Charles Sturt for 13 years in a variety of positions. She’s worked as Strategic Planner Recreation, Manager of Open Space & Recreation, and Manager of Engineering & Construction. Jan was Project Manager for the first ever City of Charles Sturt Community Plan, called Shaping the Western Suburbs 2007 – 2027. 

Starting her career in private consultancy, she worked for 12 years, and provided recreation and open space planning services for education and local government. She then joined the City of Happy Valley for 4 years as an Open Space Planner before coming to Charles Sturt.

Jan holds a Bachelor of Arts (Planning) and a Graduate Diploma in Recreation and Sport.

Her team is the Asset Management Division.

They work on:

  • engineering strategy & assets
  • open space, recreation & property
  • field services
  • asset management services