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Floodplain mapping

Online Floodplain Mapping

We have online floodplain maps to show us where stormwater will flow in a one-in-100 year rainfall event.

The flood data includes detailed flood spread mapping and flood depths along property boundaries. It has a colour coded legend for the different flood depth ranges.

You can view our floodplain maps. Simply click on Stormwater Flooding on the left side to show the layers. You can use the search address at the bottom of the screen to see further details.

Charles Sturt Council is progressively developing floodplain maps to identify flood risk and help us effectively manage stormwater.

The West Lakes Floodplain Map  was produced using new computer technology. This map shows us the likely impact of stormwater flow in a one-in-100 year rainfall event in the West Lakes drainage catchment.

You can view the West Lakes Floodplain Map and read the West Lakes Floodplain Mapping Fact Sheet.

This development guide contains important considerations for properties identified as flood prone. You can read the Stormwater Inundation information guide.

We work with residents to develop strategies to reduce the risk of flooding. While it's difficult to totally eliminate risk, there are long-term improvements that we can make to manage stormwater infrastructure.

We strongly advise residents to introduce their own measures to alleviate flood hazards, just as people living in bushfire areas are asked to prepare for the fire season.

To help you prepare for the risk of storms and flooding, read Storm Safety Information and the Flood Action Guide.