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Council meetings

How Council Meetings Work

Agendas & Minutes  

You can search for Council Meetings Agendas & Minutes. Agenda papers are available on our website each Thursday night before the nominated meeting dates. They are also available on the night of the meeting. Minutes are available on the website within five days of the meeting.

Council Members 

The Council of the City of Charles Sturt has 17 members. These include the Mayor and 16 Councillors (2 from each of the 8 Wards). Voters in our City elect the Mayor. As official spokesperson for the city, the Mayor runs all Council meetings.The community elects Council members. They’re residents or ratepayers like you. And like you, they care about quality of life, services and facilities in our council.

Council Meetings

Council meets on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 7pm. Mayor Angela Evans presides over these meetings. Note that in January meetings are only every fourth Monday and in December, only every second Monday.

Council and Committee Meeting Schedule

Council meetings are at the Civic Centre, 72 Woodville Rd, Woodville. If a meeting falls on a public holiday it is scheduled for the following evening. You can access digital versions of our Agendas, Reports & Minutes or get hard copied from the Council chambers.


Learn more about Council Committees including terms of references, membership, meeting times, agendas and minutes.

Meetings Open to the Public

Generally, all Council and Committee meetings are open to visitors and the media. There are rare occasions when we run a closed meeting to consider confidential items. In this case, all members of the public must leave the meeting for the duration of the discussion. We schedule these items at the end of the meeting to avoid inconvenience.

Confidential items can include:

  • personnel or legal issues
  • personal hardship
  • industrial or contractual matters
  • property or commercial transactions of interest to Council

Workshops and Informal Gatherings

At Council, we recognise our duty to conduct all business in public. An exception is in cases of specific confidentiality orders.

Sometimes we use workshops for training, to better understand an issue, or to explore a topic. In this case, staff, experts or paid consultants will give information. They may be available to answer questions to the group. These workshops are not used to make decisions. All decision-making happens in Council meetings.

View meeting dates and locations for Workshops and Informal Gatherings.

Public Involvement

Members of the public are not permitted to enter into debate. They must remain silent at all times during meetings. Want to make your views known? We welcome letters, petitions, and your involvement through our Your Say website.

You may also request a deputation to address a meeting of Council or one of its Committees. You do not need to stay for the entire meeting, you may leave quietly at any time.

Council Officers

Council officers, including the CEO and Leadership Team, attend Council meetings. They are there to provide advice to Council members, present reports and answer questions. We hope you enjoy your visit.

If you would like more information, speak to one of the Council Officers at the meeting or phone Council on 8408 1111.