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Central Adelaide Waste and Recycling Authority

About the Subsidiary

In August 2019, the Cities of Port Adelaide Enfield and Charles Sturt joined forces to take back control of recycling for our communities by establishing a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) to process our recyclables.

It’s important to both Councils that our communities can see where their recycling goes and how we are buying back the recycled materials and using them in our parks, roads, Council services and infrastructure.

In early 2020, the Central Adelaide Waste and Recycling Authority CAWRA (pronounced cor-rah) was established to deliver South Australia’s newest MRF.

Formation of CAWRA's Board is currently underway. Development of the operational arm will continue to emerge over the coming months with new jobs created as CAWRA gears up to commence operation of the facility in 2021.

CAWRA Charter


  • Cathy Cooper (Independent Chair)
  • David Spear (Independent Member - City of Charles Sturt)
  • Alf Ianniello (Independent Member - City of Port Adelaide Enfield)
  • Claire Boan (Mayor City of Port Adelaide Enfield)
  • Angela Evans (Mayor City of Charles Sturt)
  • Paul Sutton (CEO City of Charles Sturt)
  • Mark Withers (CEO City of Port Adelaide Enfield)

Board meeting schedule


For more information on the Central Adelaide Waste and Recycling Authority, please call us on 8408 1111

What is a MRF?

A MRF is a facility that accepts co-mingled recycling -  what each household puts in their yellow lid recycling bins. The facility then sorts these recyclables into a series of commodity streams ready for sale to various recycling markets. This sorting process is undertaken using a mix of old fashioned manual labour and state of the art equipment, including optical sorters. The new MRF will provide added employment opportunities for the local economy, and be designed to produce recyclable commodoties of the highest quality.

A key driver for CAWRA is to support the local circular economy and develop new opportunities for recycling within our communities and our region.

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Progress pictures of the project site will be updated intermittently throughout the construction phase.