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Climate change

Climate Change Planning

At the City of Charles Sturt, we're working to adapt to climate change and to reduce our environmental footprint.

We're already feeling the effects of climate change. Scientists predict reduced rainfall, more frequent and intense heatwaves, and sea level rise. These are all significant risks for the City of Charles Sturt area.

Current projections show that our area may see the following changes to 2070:

Western Adelaide 2070 infographics

We're working with the Cities of Port Adelaide Enfield and West Torrens to look at the risks that climate change poses to our local area. We're helping our communities and businesses to prepare for the future.

AdaptWest Regional Climate Change Adaptation Plan 

We've got a plan to work on climate change adaptation. It's called the AdaptWest Regional Climate Change Adaptation Plan, created in October 2016. It has three stages.

Stage 1: We prepared a scientific report looking at the projected climate conditions in our area. We took a 'snapshot' of the western area to see who we are socially, environmentally and economically.

Stage 2: We developed 5 research papers on topics of particular relevance to our area.

  1. AdaptWest Assets, Infrastructure and Economy Research Paper
  2. AdaptWest Coastal Management Research Paper
  3. AdaptWest Social Community Resilience And Health Research Paper
  4. AdaptWest Environment And Open Space Research Paper
  5. AdaptWest Planning And Development Research Paper


In March 2015 we held a series of workshops to look at the key issues in our region. This was based on research results of our studies. These workshops were run with professionals, Elected Members, and local community representatives. The workshops looks at how project changes in climate conditions might impact on:

  • vulnerable communities
  • environmental and coastal assets
  • core economic functions
  • infrastructure assets

You can read a summary from these workshops:

Stage 3: We used the results of assessment to develop adaptation options and activities. This has helped us manage the risks and effects of climate change. It helps us ensure the resilience and sustainability of our region into the future.

The final plan

The AdaptWest Regional Climate Change Adaptation Plan was finalised in 2016.

The project is being support by:

  • City of Charles Sturt
  • City of Port Adelaide Enfield
  • City of West Torrens
  • Australian Government
  • Commonwealth Government (Natural Disaster Resilience Program)
  • State Government Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
  • Coast Protection Board

Urban Heat Mapping

As part of the Adapt West in Action Plan we have done Urban Heat Mapping to look at how we can design cities to adapt to climate change.

Net Zero

We declared a climate emergency in December 2019.

‘Net Zero’ has been created in response, to demonstrate our commitment to reducing our Council’s greenhouse gas emissions.

As a Council, we recognise that we have a role to play in reducing our own emissions, and supporting others in our community to reduce their emissions, influencing stakeholders and advocating to other levels of government.