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Street meets

A Street Meet is a great way to get to know your neighbours better, provide opportunities for play and make new friends. Street Meets lets residents temporarily close their local street for up to 4 hours at a time.

Street Meets can be:

  • A play street – temporarily closing the street for children to play freely and safely. Activities could include ball games, bikes and scooters and chalk drawing (Check out Play Streets Australia or Playing Out (UK) for inspiration).
  • A street party – an opportunity for a get together with neighbours over a BBQ, pot luck dinner or a cricket game.
  • A special or seasonal occasion such as an Easter egg hunt, a Halloween Trick or Treat activity or Christmas Light display.

Keep it Simple! Street Meets don’t require a lot of set up. Think BBQs, games, chairs and tables. To keep Street Meets as straight forward as possible, activities that require additional permits such as the sale of alcohol, the installation of a marquee or a jumping castle are not permitted at a Street Meet.

Please refer to SA Health guidelines for details on current COVID-19 requirements and restrictions in place when planning your Street Meet.

There are no fees charged by Council to run a Street Meet. It just takes your time to organise the get-together and manage street closure on the day.

Two months before your Street Meet...

  • Read the Street Meet Kit
  • Call Council to find out if your street is suitable
  • Speak with your neighbours and gather their support

At least 6 weeks before...

  • Submit your application for your Street Meet. Once the application is submitted we will be in touch to progress the road closure approval.
  • Applications should be lodged no less than 6 weeks before your Street Meet and you must have gathered neighbourhood support prior to submitting your application.
  • We will prepare a traffic guidance scheme for your event, obtain approval for the closure, arrange the traffic control devices and place an ad in the local paper (5 to 6 weeks out) as required under the Road Traffic Act.

2 to 3 weeks before...

  • Street Meet Organiser and road closure crew view online video and complete quiz
  • Confirm your drop off time and location of signs and traffic control devices
  • Notify your neighbours the Street Meet is going ahead

One week to go!

  • Re-confirm your road closure crew
  • Familiarise yourself with the Traffic Guidance Scheme we have provided you
  • When the signs and traffic control devices arrive, check you have all the signs as outlined in the plan

Is my street suitable? 

Street Meets can be on local access streets, generally those that carry 1,000 cars or less per day and have minimal through traffic. Streets cannot be on a public transport or strategic commercial route. Either the whole street or a portion of a street can be closed. If you're unsure, give us a call on 8408 1111.

The street remains accessible by emergency service vehicles. On street parking is still permitted during a Street Meet at the vehicle owner’s own risk.

Delegate a key resident 

You need a key resident to be the driving force behind your Street Meet. This person needs:

  • time to organise a Street Meet
  • support from neighbours
  • minimum of 2 others willing to be closure crew. Their role is to install and remove the road closure, stand at the end of the road closure to monitor the road closure throughout the party and escort local resident cars entering or exiting the road closure area
  • energy to get surrounding residents on board
  • understanding of the benefits of a Street Meet

We can support your Street Meet by providing:

  • a step by step Street Meet Kit to assist you in organising your own Street Meet
  • a video clip on how to safely close your street
  • a Traffic Guidance Scheme outlining how the street is to be closed
  • traffic control devices and signs
  • public liability insurance for the Street Meet
  • coverage of road closure advertising costs as required under the Road Traffic Act

Need help?

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