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Community Care - Ageing Well

Due to the COVID-19 situation, our Ageing Well team are adjusting the way in which they provide their services to the community.

Please visit our COVID-19 Services page for all the latest updates.

We may have changed how we provide our services but we are still here to help during COVID-19.

We have services to support people that are aged, have a disability and those who care for others. Services are available for eligible residents within the City of Charles Sturt.

Services can include spring cleaning, shopping support, basic home maintenance, social activities, transport and respite. These services can help people stay in their own homes and avoid early admission to residential care. Staying in your own home can greatly improve quality of life.

City of Charles Sturt receives funding from the State and Commonwealth Government to provide these basic services.

To access this support, you will first need to register with My Aged Care and may also need a home assessment. My Aged Care can help you decide what level of support you need and refer you to an agency.

Please contact My Aged Care for support or call 1800 200 422.

Read our Community Care Information Booklet or request a copy in the mail by calling us on 8408 1309.

Assistance for Under 65s

Assistance may be available for people under the age of 65, receiving a Disability Support Pension (not receiving NDIS funding).

Complete a referral form and return it to Council. We'll be in touch to discuss your needs.

If you are under the age of 65, receiving a Disability Support Pension and require assistance, you can complete a referral form. For this service you must not already be receiving NDIS funding.

The Home Maintenance and Security program provides minor maintenance, modifications and basic security services to assist eligible residents to maintain their homes e.g. light globes, tap washers, magnetic door catches, grab rails, key guards. Our own friendly handyperson or contractors deliver these services. Some work may require an assessment before work can commence.

Assistance with Council’s hard waste removal is also available.

For more information please phone 8408 1529.

Annual Service

Provides an annual basic pruning service for eligible residents. This work may be carried out by our Home Maintenance workers or referred to a gardening contractor Height limitation apply to all prunin work including trees, shrubs or hedges.

The Home Gardening Program also includes a basic annual yard clean-up for eligible clients.

For more information please phone 8408 1529.

Volunteer Gardening

Charles Sturt also offer a Volunteer Gardening program that support low level tasks such as mulching, rose pruning ad repotting of plants.

For more information please phone 8408 1532.

Easy Gardens

The Easy Gardens program provides a once-off garden modification service to help eligible residents maintain their homes and provide safer, more sustainable outdoor living surrounds. Approved contractors, volunteer groups or other organisations are assigned to undertake the work. A client contribution is negotiated, and all works agreed with prior to work commencing. Current funding allows assistance for a small number of jobs per year and a waiting list applies.

For more information please phone 8408 1549.

Short Term Cleaning

Short term cleaning assistance is an interim support service provided to eligible residents who are temporarily unable to maintain their own homes independently or cannot perform essential household tasks and who:

  • have recently been discharged from hospital;
  • have recently experienced a significant change in circumstance e.g. loss of a carer.

The short-term cleaning service is limited to a total of 12 hours of assistance.

For more information please phone 8408 1529.

Spring Cleaning

Residents may be eligible for a spring clean of up to six hours to be taken in one block (annual service only). This service aims to assist residents with heavier cleaning and may include window washing, cleaning tops of cupboards, cupboard doors, light fittings and window sills, vacuuming and mopping, dusting high places, ceiling and exhaust fans, and cobwebbing.

For more information please phone 8408 1529.

Community Bus

We provide air-conditioned transport for grocery shopping to eligible residents living in the City of Charles Sturt.

The Community Bus provides:

  • regular fortnightly services;
  • collection from your front door;
  • transport to and from local shopping centres and community centres;
  • volunteer driver assistance with shopping bags; and
  • steps and handrails in the buses for easy access.

This service is designed to support people who are unable to access normal public transport and unable to drive. You need to be able to get in and out of the bus safely and without assistance.

For more information please phone 8408 1369.

Shopping Assistance

The shopping program provides a fortnightly shopping service which can include taking eligible residents to their local shops to assist with grocery shopping, bill paying, the chemist and banking. For people who are too frail or unwell we can also arrange a shopping list service. This service is designed to assist residents who:

  • have limited mobility and are having trouble managing their shopping;
  • are unable to access the community bus service or other public transport services;
  • have limited family support to assist with shopping.

For more information please phone 8408 1367.

Social Groups

Council provides a variety of centre-based day programs. These activities include, but are not limited to:

  • craft, games, painting, bingo
  • exercises
  • lunch
  • guest speakers and entertainment

These programs offer a great opportunity for people to build friendships, socialise with others and learn new skills and information. These are offered at several sites across Charles Sturt.

For more information please phone 8408 1279 or 8408 1355.

Around Town and Men on the Move Social Programs

Around Town and Men on the Move are social programs for active independent people who are 75 years of age and over. These programs provide an opportunity to go out into the community and socialise with others with similar interests.

For more information please phone 8408 1355.

Getting Out & About

The Getting Out & About program aids older residents having trouble accessing social activities.

Transport assistance may be provided to attend Church, local clubs and community-based day centre activities and programs of their choice within the City of Charles Sturt

For more information please phone 8408 1279.

Friendly Visiting Program

The Friendly Visiting Program provides an opportunity for socially isolated residents to reconnect with the community, giving individuals the opportunity to improve their quality of life through companionship and support. Staff or volunteers are matched together with residents who have similar interests to spend some quality time together.

For more information please phone 8408 1846.

Community Visitors Scheme

City of Charles Sturt receives funding to support volunteers to access residential facilities and provide companionship and social connections to persons who are now in permanent care. Volunteers are matched with residents who have similar interests.

For more information please phone 8408 1846.

Companion Animal Project

The City of Charles Sturt has recently introduced a new and exciting program called The Companion Animal Project. This project connects volunteers with ageing residents who care for their dog but are no longer able to walk them as often as they would like.

For further information please phone 8408 1846.

Fish Feeders

Supported by our staff and volunteers, Fish Feeders provides an opportunity for people to meet and enjoy the recreation of fishing and encourages a sense of community, fosters lifelong learning and supports the future health and wellbeing of our residents. Program meets weekly at the Henley jetty from 9am - 11:30am.

For further information please phone 8408 1309.

Council provides a flexible respite program to residents who are over 65 and being cared for at home by a carer. The service is designed to allow carers to have time out while providing their loved one in-home care or the opportunity to participate in an activity that can be personalised to meet their needs.

Please note that the carer does not have to be a registered carer to be eligible.

For more information please phone 8408 1846.

PERMA +Workshops

PERMA + is described in the following way:

  • Positive Emotion
  • Engagement
  • Relationships
  • Meaning
  • Accomplishment Plus
  • Physical Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Community Connectedness

Each of these contributes to a strong sustained sense of wellbeing. The City of Charles Sturt has developed a new6– 8-week program where trained staff are able to support older residents to access information about building resilience and supporting participants to put this into practice.

For more Information please phone 8408 1373.

Exercise Classes

A variety of exercise and fitness options are offered across several sites including Arch Paterson Centre, Seaton Neighbourhood Centre and Henley & Grange Community Centre.  Activities can be standing or seated and include Tai Chi, Yoga and Functional Fitness classes. Classes are designed to assist participants maintain everyday function and mobility, while providing valuable socialisation opportunities.

For more Information please phone 8408 1529.


City of Charles Sturt offers a variety of volunteering options that support the wellbeing of the community and offer the volunteer opportunity to connect with others in the community.

Council’s Community Buses are available for limited hire by “not for profit” community groups who are located within the City of Charles Sturt, and whose members are not able to access public transport due to their age or disability and are unable to pay for commercial bus hire due to financial incapacity.

Community bus charter hire application

For more information please phone 8408 1369.

The Home Library is an extension of the Charles Sturt Library Service, is free of charge and is for those who are unable to visit our library locations due to medical circumstances, difficulties associated with age, frailty or disability.

For more information please phone the Library on 8408 1333 or

Ageing Well Newsletter

The Ageing Well newsletter (formerly known as Western Living) is produced for residents who use our Home and Community Care Services. It has information about services available and events and activities happening around Charles Sturt.

Read the latest edition of Ageing well.