Book Clubs

We are delighted to provide a Book Club collection for:

  • established book clubs
  • individuals wishing to join an established book club
  • interested individuals wishing to get together once a month to share their love of reading with others

Our program offers a range of titles including both fiction and non-fiction.

Existing book groups and new clubs may arrange to meet at any of the branches of the Charles Sturt Library Service if possible (during open hours) or at a destination of their choosing for example a member’s home, Community Centres, coffee shops or even the local park.

Join a book club 

Our book club program is open to all Charles Sturt Library members.

Joining is easy. You can:

If you're interested in joining a book club, we'll try to connect you with an existing club. Sometimes we'll create a new one.

Individual book club groups can access up to 10 copies of each book title. A group leader is nominated and will be responsible for liaising with the Library’s Book Club Coordinator as well as collecting and returning all book sets by the due date.

New Book Clubs

We can help you with forming a new book club. We can provide an initial consultation, support and attend first meeting. After this, we encourage you to run the the club independently.

Membership Entitlements

Members of our Book Club program are entitled to borrow up to 12 different titles per calendar year on a rotational, first-in-first serviced basis.

Book Club Collection titles

A range of titles will be offered including fiction and non-fiction.

Requests for titles selected from the complete list should be made 6 weeks in advance. However, we can't guarantee that selected titles will be available in this time period. Requests for new titles will be accepted from groups twice a year.

Loan period

You can borrow book club sets for up to 6 weeks. If you haven’t finished your designated book by the end of the loan period, you may be able to borrow the same titles from the collection.