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Your verge

Managing your verge

Your verge is the area between your house and the road. It can have lawn, landscaping or a garden. Managing your verge is important for public health and safety, and helps to keep our streets looking beautiful.

Council has endorsed the new Verge Policy, Guidelines and Checklist which now includes growing veggies in your verge, subsidised planter boxes if your verge is suitable and resources to help you with plant selection, soil testing and other great information to help you create a beautiful verge and hopefully a beautiful street with your neighbours.

You can manage your verge by mowing it regularly or starting your own verge garden. The Community Verge Development Guidelines and Checklist provides information and useful links to help you landscape your verge.

We have a verge management program that helps to maintain public health and safety throughout the year, but you can mow and upkeep your verge anytime.

Community Verge Development Guidelines and Checklist

Enter your address in the search box at the bottom of this page to find out when your verge is due to be serviced by our team.

With more than 52,000 verges maintained across the City of Charles Sturt, verge management is no small task. Our verge management program is not a turf maintenance and mowing service. It ensures that the verge areas do not pose an unacceptable risk to the community through long grass.

Overgrown verges can:

  • present a fire hazard
  • present trip hazards
  • interrupt sight lines for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians

We encourage you to mow and maintain the verge in front of your property if you're able to do so. This improves the look of your property and street, and encourages neighbours to do the same.

  • Local Roads: 5 cuts per year
  • Main Roads: 8 cuts per year (around every 6 -7 weeks)

At peak growing times, extra services may be added as required.

Enter your address in the search box at the bottom of this page to find out when your verge is due to be serviced by our team.

If you want to maintain your own verge please email or call us 8408 1111 and we'll remove your address from the verge management and/or herbicide spraying schedule.

Creating a verge garden can be an excellent way of getting to know your neighbours, building a strong sense of community, and adding to the biodiversity and beauty of your local street. It's a great way to manage your verge without need for regular mowing.

Here's how to make a start.

Learn more about how to create a verge garden.

Need more information? Get in touch with us.

Janet Willoughby
Open Space Community Planner
M: 0417 971 923