Recycling (yellow lid)

Recycling: Yellow Bin 

The yellow bin is for recycling. It's collected fortnightly on the same day as your blue bin (waste). Your green bin (organics) is collected in alternate weeks to the yellow bin.

Check out our collection calendar or download our My Local Services App for a reminder to put your bins out.

Waste hotline
8295 5077

What can go in your yellow bin: 

  • paper (newspapers, magazines, junk mail)
  • cardboard (egg cartons, boxes)
  • milk cartons
  • plastic bottles
  • glass bottles and jars
  • aluminium and steel cans
  • containers (detergent botttles, icecream and yoghurt containers)
  • foil from chocolate Easter eggs

Check the A-Z of Waste & Recycling for more information about what goes in each bin.

Recycling rules

  • Rinse all food and drink containers.
  • Remove lids and place into blue bin.
  • Don't put your recycling in plastic bags.
  • Flatten all cardboard boxes.
  • Don't pack your recycling bin too tight.
  • Keep recyclables separate (eg don't put cans in boxes).

What can't go in the yellow bin? 

  • plastic bags
  • car parts or gas bottles
  • garden waste
  • food scraps
  • nappies
  • mirrors, light globes or window glass

Stop the Junk Mail

The Distribution Standards Board provides one free of charge reflective sticker, on receipt of a stamped return addressed envelope to:

DSB Sticker
Suite 6, 151 Barkly Avenue 
Richmond Victoria 3121.

More Information on Recycling