Organics (green lid)

Organics: Green Bin

The green bin is for organics. It's collected fortnightly on the same day as your blue bin (waste). Your yellow bin (recycling) is collected in alternate weeks to your green bin.

Check out our collection calendar or download our My Local Services App for a reminder.

Waste hotline
8295 5077

What can go in the green bin:

  • garden prunings and cuttings
  • lawn clippings
  • leaves
  • weeds
  • cut flowers
  • small branches (max length 60cm, max diameter 10cm)
  • food scraps

What food scraps can go in the organics bin? Read more about recycling food waste.

If it didn't grow, it doesn't go in the organics bin.

Check the A-Z of Waste & Recycling for further information about what item goes in what bin.

What can't go in the green bin:

  • dirt, soil or sand
  • plastic bags or household garbage
  • stones, rocks, bricks or rubble
  • irrigation hoses, plastic pots or trays
  • painted or treated timber
  • recyclables
  • gardening tools