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Messenger Newspapers Supplementary Roll Enquiry

Attributable to CEO Paul Sutton

Who is eligible to be a non-residential ratepayer and the process for applying to be on the supplementary roll?

To be on the supplementary roll an application must have been received between 1 Jan and 10 August . To be on the roll they must be one of the following:

  • a resident at the current address for one month and not on the State (House of Assembly) Electoral Roll
  • sole owner/occupier of rateable property
  • not an Australian Citizen but a resident at their current address for one month
  • a landlord for rateable property
  • an organisation/business owner or occupier of rateable property
  • a group of owners or occupiers of rateable property

To apply to be on the Supplementary Voters Roll, individuals must complete the enrolment form relevant to their circumstances and return it to the relevant Council at which they are enrolling. Application forms were available from local council websites or the Local Government Association in the lead up to council elections.

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Paul Sutton mentioned that there were some changes to the LGAct a few years ago which required the supplementary roll to be wiped clean every election, what was that?

Under the Local Government (Elections) Act, the council supplementary voters roll expires and is required to be purged (that is all entries are removed) on 1 January of every election year. All landlords, business lessees and resident non-Australian citizens are removed from the supplementary voters roll (with the exception of City of Adelaide) and must re-enrol to be able to vote. This means there is a 2 step process for these voters (having firstly to re-enrol each election period and then having to actually complete their vote) this is seen as a disincentive for these categories of people participating in Local Government Elections.

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