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Cat Responsibilities

Be a Responsible Cat Owner

CatFAQs for cat owners
FAQs for neighbours and community
What are my responsibilities?
  • Identify your cat with a cat collar which has current contact details on it. This may save your cats life and avoid it being kept by a member of the public or being classified as a stray
  • Desex your cat to reduce unwanted litters
  • Keep your cat inside at night to reduce the incidence of transmissible and incurable diseases, cat fights, road accidents and killing of local wildlife
  • Confine your cat to your own property to protect wildlife and avoid neighbourly disputes. Consider building a cat run or enclosure to contain your cat. 
  • Ensure you apply for a permit if wanting to keep more than two cats per household (under Council's by-law).

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How many cats can be kept on my property?

Our By-laws limit the number of cat allowable in a home to two.
A permit process applies to keep more than the allowable number of cats (fees apply).

Keep Excess Cats Permit (157 kb)

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Should I have my cat desexed?

We encourage owners to have their cats desexed to reduce wandering and unwanted litters.

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Should I have my cat microchipped?

We encourage owners to have their cats microchipped. A cat collar and microchipping identification may save your cats life and may avoid it being kept by a member of the public or being classified as a stray.

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I'm no longer able to keep my cat

If the cat owner can no longer look after their pet, the pet should be taken to the Animal Welfare League.

Please be aware that ownership of the pet transfers to the Animal Welfare League and it is therefore at their discretion whether it is re-homed or humanely put to sleep. This decision is made after a health examination and temperament assessment of the pet.

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What can I do about stray and nuisance cats?

We encourage a mutually friendly approach between the cat owner and complainant and support you speaking with the cat owner and advising on what impact their cat may be having on your property or environment.

For further assistance, contact Council's Animal Management Officers on 8408 1111.

We have cat cages available for hire via the Kilkenny Grain and Fodder Store (deposit applies). Any person may humanely trap a cat on property that they own.

If an identified cat is trapped, it must be released.

If an unidentified cat is trapped, it may be released, or it may be delivered to the Animal Welfare League who will make a decision as to whether to keep the cat to rehome it, or euthanase it humanely.

Trapped cats must not be kept in cages in inclement weather conditions, for any period of time without water and shelter from the weather. To do so constitutes an offence of animal cruelty under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1985.

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