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RFID tags on Waste Bins

We are currently considering the use of RFID tags, initially on new waste and green organics bins when these are replaced in 2021.

RFID tags on binsRFID tags are not currently used on the City of Charles Sturt bins, as these were rolled out in 2005 (before RFID tags became readily available).

RFID tags are nothing new – they are already used in many everyday situations, not just in the waste industry, so you are likely to have come across them before. You can find RFID tags in:

  • Library books – for the checking in and checking out of books
  • Fun runs – every time you sign up for a fun run your allocated bib has an RFID tag which is what records your time
  • Access control – do you have a security tag? It is an RFID reading registering when you enter and exit a building
  • Department stores – security tags on clothing items. IF you leave the store with an item it will activate the alarm.
  • Inventory management –  allows business owners to maintain stock records accurately and re-order as stock get low.

Many of Adelaide’s Councils are already using RFID tags on kerbside bins and it has proved effective, providing the following benefits:

  1. Improved customer service – lost/stolen bins can be located quickly (if they are presented for collection elsewhere), and Council and its contractors can respond more quickly to resident enquiries (e.g. about missed bins, missed streets)
  2. The right bins will be emptied by Council’s contractors – and inappropriately presented bins will not be inadvertently emptied (e.g. additional bins that have not been paid for under Council’s Fees and Charges Register)
  3. Bins are readily identified during the collection process – by serial number and street address
  4. Bin ID is faster and more accurate than Council’s current (manual) process
  5. Improved asset management – as Council has accurate records of bin age and quantity
  6. Reduced ongoing costs - periodic reviews of charges from waste/recycling contractors informed by up to date data on service entitled premises (i.e. Council not paying for services that are not required)

Tags do not identify or otherwise quantify the waste within a bin – just the bin itself (by serial number and allocated street address). Weighing of bins (or waste within a bin) is not under consideration and is not envisaged for consideration by the City of Charles Sturt in the foreseeable future.

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