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Charles Sturt trialling Smart Public Waste bins in Henley Square

1 December 2017

Charles Sturt has partnered with Smart City Solutions to provide a smart, connected, sustainable waste management solution for Henley Square. The Clean Cube solar‐powered, self‐compacting bin and smart sensor will be trialled in the square from Monday, 4 December until the end of January 2018.

Clean Cube compacting bins are run purely by solar power and can hold 6‐8 times more waste than the standard bin through compaction. Utilising intelligent sensors, the Clean Cube monitors fill‐levels and operational status in real‐time and provides  information directly Council via 3G telecommunication and the Clean City Network.

Council’s current Waste Collection Service empty the general waste bins in Henley Square on a daily basis during summer months, including the 10 additional bins that are placed in the area to cover increased usage. Recycling bins in the square are emptied on a weekly basis.

Through the trial it is hoped that Council will gain a better understanding of the potential savings and benefits that solar compacting bins offer, including:

  • Potential savings in operational costs associated with the collection of street litter bins
  • Reduction in the occurrence of overflowing bins during peak periods 
  • Reduced litter and improved cleanliness of public spaces
  • Reduced truck movements 
  • Increased awareness for recycling 
  • Improved amenity

“Council are always looking for smarter ways to deliver public place waste and recycling services, particularly at high profile locations like Henley Square,” Mayor Evans said.

For more information contact Sally Bartlett on 8408 1397.

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