City of Charles Sturt - Woodville West Neighbourhood Renewal Project

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Woodville West Neighbourhood Renewal Project

The Woodville West Neighbourhood Renewal Development Plan Amendment (DPA) was approved by the Minister for Planning by notice in the South Australian Government Gazette on 1 December 2011.

The main changes to the Development Plan included:

  • encouraging a large range of dwelling types (including semi-detached housing, terrace housing, and apartments)
  • allowing for increased dwelling heights (from 2-6 storeys, depending on location)
  • changing the non-complying list to allow for compatible mixed-use developments (such as local shops and consulting rooms) for the local community
  • tailored design requirements relating to landscaping, setbacks, parking, garages, overshadowing, and passive surveillance of public spaces
  • identifying areas for walking trails, public squares and parks.

The aim is to revitalise the exiting area and encourage better links with surrounding facilities, as well as encourage new forms of housing that cater for a changing community.

The Development Plan Amendment documents, including information on the public consultation process can be found here:

Government of South Australia

Project Update - November 2012

Stage 1 has now been completed and conceptual planning has commenced for the Stage 2 precinct. GHD have been appointed by the URA as the consultants for Stage 2.

General information on the renewal project, including a 3D fly-through of what the project might look like is available on the Renewal SA website here:

The Square Woodville West