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Woodville West Neighbourhood Renewal Project

Woodville West Neighbourhood Renewal Project - content

The Square - Woodville West imageThe Woodville West Neighbourhood Renewal Development Plan Amendment (DPA) was approved by the Minister for Planning by notice in the South Australian Government Gazette on 1 December 2011.

The aim is to revitalise the exiting area and encourage better links with surrounding facilities, as well as encourage new forms of housing that cater for a changing community.

The Development Plan policy can be found in the Charles Sturt Development Plan under the heading 'Woodville West policy area 23', by clicking here:

Government of South Australia

Project Update – December 2014

As part of the Woodville West Neighbourhood Renewal Project, Renewal SA and the City of Charles Sturt continue to work towards creating a revitalised, contemporary and sustainable community at Woodville West.

The Square at Woodville West has created a whole new sense of community and living local. The entire neighbourhood is designed around a series of connected parks and gardens. The Square is an innovative blend of homes designed to meet our constantly changing lifestyles.

A selection of contemporary, off-the-plan home designs is now available with the release of the first phase of The Square’s Stage 2, with a number of homes under contract.

Already 2015 is set to be full of activity, with ‘Fitness in the Park’ returning in February 2015, which will again be held at The Square’s pop-up park. Planning is currently underway for an exciting school holiday programme for 2015. Civil works and construction for Stage 2 is also set to commence for early 2015.

What’s more, over the coming years, six stages will be delivered and more than $130 million will be invested to make sure the suburb’s new lease of life just keeps getting better.

More information about what’s happening at The Square is available here:

The Square at Woodville West

Project Update - November 2012

Stage 1 has now been completed and conceptual planning has commenced for the Stage 2 precinct. GHD have been appointed by the URA as the consultants for Stage 2. 

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