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Development & Infrastructure

Development & Infrastructure

Engineering & Open Space Development Guidelines

Engineering and Open Space Development Guidelines The City of Charles Sturt is experiencing unprecedented development through urban regeneration.

The future will also remain very active within the City with major developments occurring at:

  • Athol Park (Westwood)
  • The City Edge, Brompton
  • Ray Street, Findon
  • Frogmore Road, Kidman Park (former Telstra site)
  • Cheltenham (Racecourse and Sheridan site)
  • The Clipsal site redevelopment at Bowden

This is an exciting time in the City's development.

To ensure that existing public infrastructure is maintained in a good condition post development and any new infrastructure handed over to Council as a result of larger developments is constructed to Council standards, we have prepared Engineering & Open Space Development Guidelines to assist the progress of your applications and approvals.

IMPORTANT: This issue of the Guide covers the Engineering and Open Space requirements only.

You can download the full Guide here:

Engineering and Open Space Development Guidelines (2599 kb)

Or you can download the individual chapters here:

Introduction - Engineering and Open Space Development Guidelines (116 kb)
Engineering and Open Space Contacts (120 kb)
Chapter 1 - General Procedures (363 kb)
Chapter 2 - Engineering Design Plans (1491 kb)
Chapter 3 - Road and Path Design Guidelines (606 kb)
Chapter 4 - Stormwater Design Requirements (173 kb)
Chapter 5 - Permits to Work on Council Land (132 kb)
Chapter 6 - Protection of Public Infrastructure (126 kb)
Chapter 7 - Open Space Requirements (294 kb)

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