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Development & Infrastructure

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Information Guides

pdf 11. The Development Approval Process(197 kb)

pdf 12. Zones(171 kb)

pdf 13. Residential Zone(280 kb)

pdf 14. Dwelling Additions and Alterations(385 kb)

pdf 15. Detached and Semi-Detached Dwellings(409 kb)

pdf 16. Two or More Dwellings and Additions(551 kb)

pdf 17. Dwelling Additions and Alterations - RCZ(457 kb)

pdf 18. Detached Dwellings - RCZ(359 kb)

pdf 19. Two or More Dwellings - RCZ(538 kb)

pdf 20. Demolition(150 kb)

pdf 21. Carports Verandahs Garages Sheds(261 kb)

pdf 22. Solar Panels(120 kb)

pdf 24. Fences and Retaining Walls(205 kb)

pdf 25. Other Structures(119 kb)

pdf 26. Internal Building Work(139 kb)

pdf 27. Flood Mitigation(442 kb)

pdf 28. Regulated and Significant Trees(249 kb)

pdf 29. Sustainable Planting Guide(2623 kb)

pdf 30. Heritage Conservation Program Guidelines(390 kb)

pdf 31. Protecting our Built Heritage(488 kb)

pdf 32. Sustainability Guide - Energy Efficient Home Building(2185 kb)

pdf 33. Nuisance Matters(158 kb)

pdf 34. Coastal development Guide(191 kb)

pdf 35. Land Division(178 kb)

pdf 36. Signage(167 kb)

pdf 37. Change of Land Use(169 kb)

pdf 38. Working from Home(166 kb)

pdf 40. Non-complying Development(172 kb)

pdf 41. Commercial-Industrial-Retail-Manufacturing(152 kb)

pdf 51. Application Fee(185 kb)

pdf 52. Information Requirements for Planning Approval(446 kb)

pdf 53. Streetscape Plan(230 kb)

pdf 54. Site Survey(161 kb)

pdf 55. Locality Plan(656 kb)

pdf 56. Stormwater Management Plan(199 kb)

pdf 58. Site History and Audit Report(153 kb)

pdf 59. Site Works(146 kb)

pdf 60. Landscape Plan(160 kb)

pdf 61. Land Use Description Details for Non Residential(150 kb)

pdf 62. Method of Waste Disposal(162 kb)

pdf 63. Existing-Previous Use Details(145 kb)

pdf 64. Indemnity Insurance(140 kb)

pdf 65. Construction Industry Training Board Levy(149 kb)

pdf 66. Plans for Building Work(666 kb)

pdf 67. Energy Efficiency Assessment(163 kb)

pdf 68. Location of Smoke Detectors(145 kb)

pdf 69. Acccess - Disabled(150 kb)

pdf 71. Extending the Operative Time with a Consent or Development Approval(121 kb)

pdf 72. Access to Development Application Information(132 kb)

pdf 75. Making Compliments Suggestions Complaints(152 kb)

pdf 76 - Lakefront Pontoons(150 kb)

pdf 77 - Wind Turbines(157 kb)

pdf 78 - Urban Trees Fund(106 kb)

01_Building Forms - intelledox-infiniti

Building Inspection Notification Form

pdfPrint Form (77 kb)

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