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Development & Infrastructure

Development & Infrastructure

Development Forms & Information Guides

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Building Notifications and Inspections

Development Forms and Checklists

Development Information Guides

We are currently in the process of changing over our print based forms (pdf) to online forms for ease of use.

Currently not all forms have been changed over.

If the form you are looking to use is not a clickable link in the left column of form names, please click on the "Print Form" version in the right column to download the pdf version to print and fill out.

Building Notifications and Inspections

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Development Forms and Checklists

1. Development Application Form

pdfPrint Form (208 kb)

2. Documentation Required for Planning Consent

pdfPrint Form (226 kb)

2b. Residential Code Checklist (New Dwellings and Additions to Existing Dwellings)

pdfPrint Form (517 kb)

2c. Complying Development Carports and Garages Information Requirements

pdfPrint Form (150 kb)

3. Documentation Required for Building Rules Consent

pdfPrint Form (157 kb)

4. Demolition Proposal Form

pdfPrint Form (456 kb)

5. Statement of Representation

pdfPrint Form (126 kb)

6. Application to Access Development Documents

pdfPrint Form (148 kb)

7. Powerline Clearance Declaration of Applicant Form

pdfPrint Form (127 kb)

8. Statement of Compliance

pdfPrint Form (152 kb)

9. Request for Documents on Public Notification

pdfPrint Form (119 kb)

10. Regulated or Significant Tree Proposal Form

pdfPrint Form (133 kb)

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Development Information Guides
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