Companion Animal Project

At Charles Sturt, we love our pets. They make us happier, healthier and more active. As you age, it can get harder to give your pet the care they need. We've created a program to help older residents keep their pets at home and give them the care they need.

The Companion Animal Project matches volunteers with dogs and residents. Volunteers can assist with dog walking, pet care and grooming.

The City of Charles Sturt introduced the pilot program in 2015 as a leader in local Government. Since then, the project has flourished and helped many older residents keep a special relationship with their pet.

Get involved 

If you'd like to volunteer, or if you have a dog that needs walking please contact us.

8408 1111

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Current volunteers

If you are currently a Companion Animal Volunteer and need to record your visits, use this form:

Companion Animal Project - Record of Visits