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Latest News

Draft Annual Business Plan & Budget

15 May 2019
Consultation has just been completed and includes a proposed average total rate increase of 2.1%

RFID tags on Waste Bins

19 March 2019
We are currently considering the use of RFID tags, initially on new waste and green organics bins when these are replaced in 2021.

Use of Glyphosate to maintain weed growth

18 March 2019
Glyphosate has been declared safe for the targeted spraying of weeds by the Federal Department of Health

West Beach Sand Erosion

15 February 2019
The beach, sand dunes and assets at West Beach are under significant pressure due to large scale sand erosion particularly in the Adelaide Shores Caravan Park to Henley South region.

10 plants for $10

1 February 2019
We will be selling residents a voucher for 10 locally indigenous plants for $10 from the Civic Centre at Woodville.

Coast Park Decision

29 September 2017
The City of Charles Sturt has received a ruling regarding the Coast Park from Semaphore to Grange.
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