Verge mowing

With more than 52,000 verges maintained across the City of Charles Sturt, verge mowing is no small task.

Our verge mowing program is not a turf maintenance and mowing service. It ensures that the verge areas do not pose an unacceptable risk to the community through long grass.

Overgrown verges can:

  • present a fire hazard
  • present trip hazards
  • interrupt sight lines for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians

We encourage you to mow and maintain the verge in front of your property if you're able to do so. This improves the look of your property and street, and encourages neighbours to do the same.

When will my verge be mowed?

  • Local Roads - 4 cuts per year (approx. every 12 weeks)
  • Main Roads - 8 cuts per year (approx. every 6 -7 weeks)

At peak growing times, extra services may be added as required.

To find out when your verge is scheduled to be mowed, enter your address in the search box at the bottom.

My verge is too long, what can you do about it?

If an overgrown verge is posing a potential safety hazard (visibility or otherwise), let us know. We can arrange for an assessment, followed by a reactive cut if required.

Why are the verges so overgrown?

Grass grows quicker at certain times of year. This is because of the combination of wet and warmer weather. Extra verge mowing services are sometimes engaged to help manage the load.

I want to maintain my own verge

Great! Please contact us and we'll remove your address from the mowing schedule.

How does the verge mowing program work?

Street sweepers follow the verge mowers to collect all grass from the road surface. Blower operators follow the verge mowers to blow any grass from the footpath to the roadway so it's easier to collect by the street sweepers.

What if my property is damaged?

The contractors take great care in their work, but accidents do happen. In the unlikely event your property is damaged during the verge mowing process, please contact us as soon as possible and provide details about the incident.

How do I go about creating a verge garden?

We support our residents to create more beautiful streets with non-edible verge gardens.

Learn how to start a verge garden.

Are you a verge hero?