COVID-19 Update

Given the unfolding situation relating to COVID-19 in Australia and across the world, here at the City of Charles Sturt we want to be proactive and clear about how we can stay healthy and are making changes to the way we do things. We will continue to provide updates to the services and events that are impacted along with the latest information and recommendations from WHO, SA Health and the Government.

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Given the fast changing nature of COVID-19, these FAQs are subject to change.

Are you still open?

Our Front Counter, Libraries and Community Centres remain operational in some capacity.

Our services to our community remain our focus. Despite some changes to service levels, in particular across Community Connections where we have personal contact with high risk members of the community, we remain open for business.

I'm visiting the Civic Centre today, what do I need to do to protect myself and others?

Social distancing requirements are 2m x 2m (4m squared) space between all people, including other community members and employees. We encourage good hygiene practices and social distancing where appropriate. If you are unwell, we ask that you please do not attend the Civic Centre.

How are you keeping up to date with the latest news?

We are frequently referring to advice from the Commonwealth Government and sharing information as required across our website and social media channels.

For the latest advice, information and resources visit the following websites:

If you require translating or interpreting services, call 131 450.

I'm now working from home and neighbour's dog won't stop barking. What can I do?

Ideally speak to your neighbour and advise them of the concern. This can occur in person (remember social distancing) or a letter is available to print off on our website here.

There are so many more cars in my street and I can't park in front of my house. What can I do?

Managing on-street parking is a complex matter with limited options. You are encouraged to speak with your neighbours to negotiate an outcome that works for all. If this is not practical, then please speak with our Community Safety Team.

Where do I go for business information?

We are calling businesses from sectors mostly impacted such as hospitality and tourism, to find out how we can help. Adelaide Business Hub are also in the process of setting up a hotline. Further information is available in our latest Western Business Leaders newsletter or you can contact Selma Barlow on 8408 1332 or

What government assistance is available?

The Australian Banking Association has announced Australian banks will defer loan repayments for small businesses affected by COVID-19 for six months.

Have you increased the cleaning of BBQs and play equipment?

We regularly clean public BBQs before each weekend and then again after the weekend. We have running water and toilet facilities at most of our major open space areas and encourage our community to bring their own soap and utilise the water to wash their hands before and after using the play equipment. From May 2020, we are installing soap dispensers at all of our public toilet facilities.

Are public areas safe?

The COVID-19 virus can remain active on surfaces for a number of hours, therefore good personal hygiene practices are critical, including frequent and effective hand washing. The Commonwealth Government has guidelines for public areas here

Where are your staff?

Field Staff

Field Employees are continuing to provide services across the City including street sweeping, mowing, gardening, footpath and road construction and much more. Our employees are following all recommended guidelines for social distancing and good hygiene and given much of their work occurs in fresh open spaces, our priority is to maintain these services for our community.

Administration Staff

Administration staff are continuing to provide services across the City including planning and development, place making, engineering and construction, and community connections. Our employees are following all recommended guidelines for social distancing and good hygiene, with staff based offsite or spread across our Council buildings in order to maintain our range of services for our community.

A phone call each day to check you’re OK

Red Cross can provide you with a daily telephone call to check on your wellbeing through a service known as Telecross. This provides peace of mind if you are at risk of an accident or illness that may go unnoticed, such as falling and being unable to call for help. The volunteer will check to see that you are well and provide a friendly voice to wake up to each morning.