Easy Gardens

Easy Gardens is a once-off garden modification service to help eligible residents maintain their homes and provide safer, more sustainable outdoor living surrounds.

Help is offered to eligible residents who are unable to perform essential garden maintenance tasks and who are at risk of premature admission into supported accommodation or a residential aged care facility.

Easy Gardens tasks can include:

  • assessment and referral
  • garden design planning
  • replacement or relocation of drought tolerant plants
  • adding weed matting with mulch, bark chips or pebbles
  • installing or replacing clothes lines with safe pathways
  • laying of paving and garden edging
  • foliage trimming, lopping or removal
  • installing easy reach raised garden beds

Approved contractors, volunteer groups or other organisations undertake the work. A client contribution is negotiated and all works agreed with before work commences. Current funding allows for approximately 40 clients to be assisted and a waiting list applies.

More information 

Easy Gardens Program Coordinator
8408 1549