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River Torrens Linear Park

River Torrens Linear Park – Asset Management Plan

The Integrated Strategic Asset Management Plan for the River Torrens Linear Park (the RTLP ISAMP) is a joint project between the nine metropolitan Councils that adjoin the River Torrens Linear Park. It aims to identify how the infrastructure and facilities along the River Torrens Linear Park can be improved in the future, and how best to manage improvements in an integrated way that relates to the availability of funds.

The project is being managed by the River Torrens Linear Park Coordinating Committee, through its Assets and Infrastructure Working Group. The committee has commissioned Tonkin Consulting in association with Jensen Planning + Design to prepare the Plan

Most of the recreational and transport facilities along Linear Park have been in place for over 30 years, although there have been many areas that have been upgraded or replaced during that period. The nine metropolitan Councils are now keen to hear your views on how the facilities within Linear Park can be improved in the future. Cooperation and careful planning is therefore required to help deliver improvements that will provide a safe, enjoyable, varied and world class user experience.

As part of gaining valuable information from the broader community, we invite you to follow the link to the on-line survey. The survey closes at 5pm on 30th September 2016.

Online Survey

Any further enquiries regarding the project can be direct to Sam Higgins on 8408 1157.


River Torrens

The River Torrens Linear Park forms part of the southern boundary of the City of Charles Sturt, shared with the City of West Torrens it extends for 8.4 kilometres.

Historically the River Torrens had no established outlet to the sea.  Rather flood waters would sit behind the large barrier dune system forming a swampy region that extended from West Beach north to where they joined with the salt marsh/tidal estuary that is now known as West Lakes.  This swampy region later became known as the ‘Reedbeds’.  As larger flows frequently flooded much of the land west of the City of Adelaide the Torrens Outlet was constructed, largely completed by 1939 the outlet assisted in the development of the western suburbs.

The River Torrens Linear Park is now an exceptional recreational asset and is characterised by large trees and sweeping lawns with pockets of revegetated biodiversity along its length.

For further information please see our ‘River Torrens Linear Park Management Plan Hindmarsh Bridge to the River Mouth’ or contact the Natural Resource Management Officer on 8408 1208.

River Torrens Linear Park Management Plan Hindmarsh Bridge to the River Mouth (5490 kb)

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