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Major Projects

Major Projects

External Projects

There are some exciting new external projects that are happening in and around the City of Charles Sturt.

Use the links below to find out detailed information about each project:


Torrens Rail Junction Project

The Goodwood and Torrens Rail Junction Project is a nationally significant project which will result in increased productivity on the Melbourne-Adelaide-Perth rail line as well as reducing delays at level crossings in metropolitan Adelaide. The project will also improve Adelaide’s urban environment through the provision of upgraded cycling and pedestrian linkages.

Stage 1 was completed in 2014 and delivered the Goodwood Rail Junction and Adelaide Showgrounds station projects.

On 6 May 2016, funding approval for Stage 2 works to undertake detailed planning; design and construction works were jointly announced by the Australian and South Australian Governments.  Stage 2 works include the grade separation of freight and passenger rail lines at the Torrens Rail Junction, new overpass on the Mike Turtur Bikeway over the rail line at Goodwood Station, and at-grade improvements for pedestrians and cyclists at the Leader Street rail crossing at Wayville.

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North West Corridor Light Rail

The cities of Charles Sturt and Port Adelaide Enfield are united in calling for the construction of a Light Rapid Transit (LRT) rail corridor to link the existing Adelaide Entertainment Centre tram stop to Outer Harbor – the Northwest Corridor Light Rail.

The 28.5km LRT project will utilise the existing 25km priority rail corridor, plus an additional 3.5km tram link along the Port Road median, extending from the existing terminus at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. The link will then divert via Kilkenny road back into the existing corridor.

The project will also include additional spur lines to service both the existing Grange service and to West Lakes and an in-street section with two tram stops in Port Adelaide. A further spur to Semaphore Road could be completed as a future stage.

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North West Corridor Light Rail Proposal

Torrens Road to River Torrens (T2T)

The Torrens Road to River Torrens Project will deliver a 4km non-stop section of South Road between Ashwin Parade, Torrensville and Pym Street Croydon Park, including an upgrade to the parallel South Road surface road, providing significant travel time savings for commuters and freight.

The extension will result in the grade separation of South Road and Torrens Road and extend the lowered motorway by approximately one kilometre. All works will be completed within the current approved $896 million budget and completed within the original timeframe; in 2018.

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West Development

In December 2014, Commercial & General was named as the successful developer of the AAMI Stadium/Football Park site. The site will be purchased from the South Australian Football Commission and will be redeveloped to meet a range of purposes including residential, commercial and community land uses.

Stage One
Civil works within Stage 1 are complete and construction of approximately 65 homes and 2 apartment buildings are well underway with first residents expected to move in July 2017.

Stage Two
Civil works have commenced within Stage 2 located west of the new Frederick Road retail developments.

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Adelaide Parklands Upgrade

The Adelaide Park Lands Upgrade involves landscaping, facility and services improvement of the existing Adelaide Park Lands in the western area of the city - equivalent to the size of 2 and a half AFL sporting grounds. The upgrade is located across the road from the Bowden Development and is a partnership between Adelaide City Council, City of Charles Sturt and the Bowden redevelopment.

The plans include play areas, a youth space featuring a skate area, barbecues, tennis and basketball courts, upgraded paths and lighting and a community garden. Through support from the City of Charles Sturt we have included a dedicated youth space and skate area, with design input from local skaters to ensure we got the design right.

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Adelaide Park Lands Upgrade


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