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Keep our Beaches Clean

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You may have seen some pictures of our beautiful beaches (Henley in particular) looking not so welcoming recently. It's all of our responsibility to ensure we leave our beaches just as we found them. take any rubbish with you, clean up after your dog, use sustainable options (such as reusable containers) where possible and say no to plastic bags or drinking straws.

We have public bins (part of 1,000 public bins in our city-wide network) located along the beach – from Semaphore Park to West Beach – with some bins located on the beach at Tennyson. In high traffic locations, such as Henley Square, there are multiple bins available and over the summer months we increase the number of bins to help to manage litter. We also have a Beach Team who visit our beaches daily to check that they are safe and clean.

At the end of a busy day, the bins may be full. Don't add your rubbish to the pile, look for another one or take it with you.

Our beaches are a beautiful and much-loved part of Charles Sturt and our natural environment and we encourage all beach users – whether you stop by for a quick coffee, or stay all day - to keep our beaches clean. By doing our part, we leave our beaches clean and safe for our community, our wildlife and their habitats.

  • West Beach

    Keep our Beaches Clean

    13th January 2021
    It s all of our responsibility to ensure we leave our beaches just as we found them
  • COVID-19

    Free Face Masks Now Available

    8th January 2021
    Some of our facilities are now distribution points for free face masks for our community to help stop the spread of COVID 19
  • Findon Road Underpass Closed for Works

    17th December 2020
    The shared path along the River Torrens Linear Park from Findon Road to Riverway/Jasmine Grove is due for a reconstruction
  • Woodville Road Streetscape Works Commenced

    17th December 2020
    Were excited to announce preliminary works for the Woodville Road Streetscape Upgrade have begun with construction of the streetscape due to commence in the 2021/22 financial year
  • Mainstreet SA Awards

    15th December 2020
    Our Economic Stimulus Package has taken out the Innovation category at the 2020 Mainstreet SA Awards
  • Coast Park Update

    11th December 2020
    Legal proceedings have been finalised with the CEPG agreeing to consent to judgment being entered in the City of Charles Sturts favour
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

    11th December 2020
    We've collaborated with the Cities of Marion and Port Adelaide Enfield to provide electric vehicle charging stations to our communities, with provider JOLT will be rolling out a suite of free, fast charging stations across our City from early 2021.
  • Kids Sport Soccer

    New Sports Partnership

    10th December 2020
    We are excited to share that we have partnered with Active Inclusion AI to support and assist local sporting clubs and volunteers
  • Underpass Mural

    Kaleidoscope Online Now

    10th December 2020
    The December 2020 issue of Kaleidoscope is now available
  • Hawker Street Project Update

    9th December 2020
    We are currently reconstructing part of Hawker Street, Ridleyton (from South Road to Blight Street). The road reconstruction of this section will significantly improve the road condition and safety on this high-traffic stretch of road with renewal