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Henley Square Lighting Replacement

8 September 2023

The decorative festoon lighting in Henley Square is being replaced.

From 25 September, the new lighting will be installed which we anticipate will take up to a week. During this time, there will be temporary detours in place around the work area and the fountain will be switched off for safety.

We commenced work to replace the lighting in June 2023 which has taken a little longer than anticipated to complete. The lighting has been inactive for a few months while we organised the new lighting bulbs. We know everyone loves the lights and they’ve been in a poor state for a while, especially over the Summer. We look forward to the lights being back in action just in time for daylight savings and the warmer weather for you all to enjoy.

We get lots of feedback from the community around the decorative lighting in Henley Square. The lighting has been inconsistent with individual bulbs not working. The lighting is no longer suitable for the coastal conditions.

We are grateful to have grant funding remaining from our recent Military Road and Main Street Project that has enabled us to investigate a solution to fix these lights. We will replace the lighting with highly durable and UV stabilised polycarbonate festoon lighting, suitable for permanent outdoor installation and will be more durable in the coastal conditions.

Removal, maintenance, and replacement of the decorative lighting in Henley Square, above the water feature.

The replacement lights will be installed in the same fanned out design of 20 strings.

Work commenced in June 2023 with removal of the lighting.

The decorative lighting will be taken down over a few days. The lighting will then be inactive for a few months while the new lighting is manufactured. The replacement lighting will then be installed which could take around one week. We apologise for the inconvenience, noting we will ensure adequate lighting in and around this section so our community can continue to safely use the Square.

Areas of Henley Square will be fenced off with temporary bunting while removal and installation work is being completed.

There will also be temporary bunting around the water feature area which will be switched off. Pedestrian access will be to/from Seaview Road crossing to/from the beach, along the edge of the eateries.

The existing festoon lights need to be removed to be measured accurately on site. Once we have the exact measurements the replacement lights can be ordered. While we anticipated it was a 6 week lead time, it has taken a little longer than expected.

Yes, the lighting will display colours.

We are not currently accepting any new requests for lighting changes.