Charles Sturt maintains approximately 550 kilometres of roadway throughout the City. Our roads capital works program provides a regular program of localised repairs, street sweeping, resealing and reconstruction.

In addition there are approximately 100 kilometres of main roads including Port Road, Grange Road, Tapleys Hill Road, Henley Beach Road and others where the Department of Transport, Planning & Infrastructure (DPTI) is responsible for maintenance and traffic control including signage and line markings.

The Council exists to provide services to its community. Some of these services are provided by infrastructure assets. Council has acquired infrastructure assets by ‘purchase’, by contract, construction by Council staff and by donation of assets constructed by developers and others to meet increased levels of service.

Council’s goal in managing infrastructure assets is to meet the defined level of service (as amended from time to time) in the most cost effective manner for present and future consumers. The key elements of infrastructure asset management are:

  • Providing a defined level of service and monitoring performance,
  • Managing the impact of growth through demand management and infrastructure investment,
  • Taking a lifecycle approach to developing cost-effective management strategies for the long-term that meet the defined level of service,
  • Identifying, assessing and appropriately controlling risks, and
  • Having a long-term financial plan which identifies required, affordable expenditure and how it will be financed

For more information see our Asset Management Plan

When Charles Sturt plans to do a major project like main street projects & streetscape improvement projects, it is part of our policy to consult the surrounding residents and businesses to give them the opportunity to raise any concerns or suggestions they may have with the project.  Our contractors will also do a mailbox drop just before the commencement of work to inform residents and businesses in the surrounding area that work will be starting.

For a full list of current consultations head over to our Community Engagement Projects page

To ensure that the road network is kept clean and the gutters clear of debris Charles Sturt has developed a comprehensive and efficient road sweeping program. The program aims to sweep every residential street a minimum of eight times a year and main roads once a week.  During seasons with high leaf fall, roads affected will be swept on a weekly basis.

A street sweep will also be done if there has been contamination (eg oil, hazardous materials, garbage, etc) of a road or after a road accident.  If you would like to report a road that may need sweeping, please contact the Customer Contact Centre on 8408 1111.