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Westside Place Makers Grant

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Applications are now open for delivery in Autumn/Winter 2019.

Submit your application by 5pm Monday 18 February 2019.


Got a project idea for your local area? We can help fund your ideas!

Westside Place Makers is a grant program which funds projects in Charles Sturt’s public spaces that:

  • contribute to the Council’s vision for place making;
  • can be easily implemented, and;
  • have high impact.

What does Place Makers fund?

Place Makers aims to support the rejuvenation of public spaces and streets, and invigorate thinking about what makes a public space great.

A Place Makers grant is a great opportunity to try out a good idea that may lead to a more permanent project. We particularly invite applications for projects that seek to enliven local main streets (retail strips) and propose initiatives that produce economic outcomes.

For detailed eligibility, assessment criteria and how to apply, review the below Westside Place Makers Grant Funding Guidelines:

Place Makers Grant Program Guidelines (476 kb)

Place Making Framework (1183 kb)

To help with your application, please view the following documents:

 Westside Place Makers Grant Program FAQs(304 kb)

 Westside Place Makers Grant Program Funding Proposal Template(297 kb) 

 Westside Place Makers grant budget template (80 kb)


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