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Smart City

Council has developed its first smart city strategy. The Smart City Plan 2018-2025(4298 kb) is a collaborative strategic planning document that will guide Council, and a wide range of stakeholders and partners, towards a smart and innovative future.

Our aim has been to develop a roadmap for creating a smarter and more innovative city to maximise opportunities as they are presented in sectors including technology, advanced manufacturing, the digital economy and the creative industries.

The strategy will leverage the smart city movement to improve liveability, sustainability and economic diversity. It will help ensure our future city has effective and integrated public transport, nurtures a creative and vibrant community and features best-practice energy and water efficiency.

Our Smart City Vision - Smart City - accordion

Our Smart City Vision

Charles Sturt is a leading smart city that uses information and technology to better respond to its community and business needs.

By 2025 we will be…

  • A city that has a strong and connected community by using emerging smart technologies and enables everyone to participate;
  • A livable city that uses smart technology in its public places, connects people, and uses technology-enabled infrastructure;
  • A city that applies technology and innovation to overcome future environmental challenges;
  • An economically thriving city that has access to digital infrastructure and leverages it to support business growth, investment and sustainability across priority sectors; and
  • Provide transformational leadership that fosters collaboration across government, industry and business.

Our Approach – Guiding Principles - Smart City - accordion

Our Approach – Guiding Principles

To be flexible and recognise that new opportunities will continually arise as digital technologies evolve. Potential new activities can be assessed and prioritised based on alignment with the strategic outcomes and initiatives that underpin this Strategy.

Citizen Centric - Residents, business, entrepreneurs, industry and government will be engaged early and often. We will use technology to be more community connected and encourage participation, access and inclusion through the design of citizen centric digital services.

Collaboration - We will make it easy to partner and focus on shared outcomes.

Innovation - We will influence regulation to reduce red tape, test and trial new technology.

Sustainable - We will develop digital city standards and leverage new business models. We will be commercially driven and ensure the Business Case ‘stacks up’.

Measurable - We will measure the effectiveness of the smart city approach to projects.

National Broadband Network (NBN)

National Broadband Network (NBN)

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