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Major Projects

Major Projects

Reinventing our Reserves

We are doing some exciting work to reinvent our reserves, with major work taking place at Point Malcolm, MJ McInerney and Maramba Reserves.

Our Open Space Strategy provides a strategic framework for the improvement of open space across our City, focusing on reinventing spaces.

Point Malcolm Reserve - $1.2million

Playground equipment 1

We have begun with Point Malcolm Reserve, Semaphore Park, a vital area that attracts users from around metro Adelaide and from within Charles Sturt. We successfully used a new approach working with residents to generate a shared vision for the reserve. The consultation received positive feedback and a high level of engagement with our community. We used this feedback to help shape the master plan.

Features of the new upgraded Point Malcolm Reserve, to be completed in July 2017, will include:

  • Separate play spaces for junior (2-6year olds) and senior (7 – 15 year olds) kids
  • Coastal themed nature play area including creek and sandpit
  • More irrigated grass
  • Improved BBQ and picnic facilities
  • New full size Basketball court with lights
  • More chances to play casual sport with a soccer field
  • Better paths for walking and cycling
  • Improved outdoor learning space with amphitheatre
  • New entry signage and artwork

We will also look to upgrade existing toilet and parking facilities in the future.

*The State Government is contributing $200,000 to the project.

Click here for the latest information on the Point Malcolm Reserve upgrade.

MJ McInerney Reserve - $723K

Playground equipment 2

We will also deliver a staged upgrade of MJ McInerney Reserve in Kilkenny to upgrade the facilities, ensuring the surrounding suburbs are able to use and interact together at the reserve.

The upgrade will begin in October 2018 and we expect to finish in March 2019. Features will include:

  • Upgraded timber play space to include nature and water play
  • Increase in picnic facilities
  • New and upgraded paths
  • Upgraded reserve furniture
  • Event space
  • Turf irrigation
  • Toilet block

Click here for further information on the MJ McInerney Reserve Upgrade

Coast Park - $2.5m

Hallum Terrace North

We have some of the most beautiful beaches in South Australia, running from West Beach right through to Semaphore with 12.5kms of pristine coastline. Being able to spend time along our beaches is really important for our residents and visitors into the City. Charles Sturt is responsible for the Coastal Reserves within our City, which includes the Coast Park path within our area.

The Government of South Australia is committed to the development of a Coast Park from North Haven to Sellicks Beach. Coast Park provides an opportunity to develop a continuous public link in a park like setting along the metropolitan coastline, further enhancing public use and enjoyment of the coast. The cost of the last section of Coast Path is $6.5million, with a $2.5million Charles Sturt budget for the 2017/18 financial year. This is one of our Major Projects this year.

Read more information about Coast Park

Scullers Reserve - $260k

The upgrade of one of our rowing course reserves along West Lakes will develop key shared use pathway links and the widening and upgrading of existing pathways, park furniture and landscaping including irrigating the turf. This work was identified through suggestions from our community, and will be completed next financial year.

Maramba Reserve - $180k

Playground equipment 3

Maramba Reserve adjacent the West development in West Lakes will receive an upgrade, half funded by Charles Sturt and also by the developer Commercial and General. The upgrade will begin in October 2017 and is expected to be completed in December 2017.

Upgrade features include a new walking and cycling path, new playground with nature play, picnic shelter, irrigated turf and garden beds.

Commercial and General will provide an update to residents closer to the commencement of works.

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