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Discretionary Ward Allowance Grant

What is the Discretionary Ward Allowance Grant?

The Discretionary Ward Allowance (DWA) Grant provides Council with discretionary funds to the value of $34,500.00 per financial year, per ward.  This grant was established to assist eligible, not-for-profit organisations and community groups to access funds for programs and activities, expenses, projects, and events which provide a benefit to the Charles Sturt community and address Council’s identified priorities in its Community Plan.

Who is eligible to apply? - DWA

Who is eligible to apply?

To be eligible for a DWA Grant, the applicant must be an incorporated, not-for-profit organisation.  If you are an individual or an unincorporated organisation, you must partner with an incorporated organisation that is willing to act as your grant sponsor.  This sponsor is referred to as an ‘Auspice’ and will be legally responsible for administering and acquitting the grant funds on your behalf.

When can you apply? - DWA

When can you apply?

The DWA Grant is open to receive applications all year round, except in the year of a Local Government Election where applications cannot be considered by Council from 1 July until approximately the first (and only) meeting of December that same year. 

Applications received after 31 May in any year will be held over to the new financial year for consideration by the Council at its first meeting in July.

How long does it take to assess and consider the grant? - DWA

How long does it take to assess and consider the grant?

Council meetings are currently held on the second and fourth Monday of every month.  It is recommended that you submit your application a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the Council meeting at which you would like your application be considered.  The Administrator will assess the application and prepare a report to Council within the required time frames prior to the meeting.  It is not always possible to assess an application and report to Council within this time frame so we do encourage you to submit as early as possible.

You are not authorised to expend any of the funds being sought in the grant application until the Council has passed a formal decision to approve the grant funds, or until you have received written confirmation from the grant administrator advising the amount of funds that were approved.

How can you apply? - DWA

How can you apply?

We recommend that before making an application to Council, you first read the Discretionary Ward Allowance Guidelines (see link below) to confirm if you are an eligible applicant and if your project, activity, event or initiative is eligible for funding.  Once you have self-assessed that your application meets the criteria and you can provide the necessary documentation, complete the Discretionary Ward Allowance Application Form below.

You can complete the application form:

  • Electronically, on-screen by completing the form, saving a copy to your computer and emailing it to; or
  • Printing a hard copy of the application form, completing it manually, and:
    • Posting it to ‘Executive Assistant to the CEO’ at PO Box 1, Woodville SA 5011;
    • Handing it over in person at the Customer Service counter at Civic Centre; or
    • Scanning and emailing it to

Discretionary Ward Allowance - DWA - Guidelines (398 kb)

Discretionary Ward Allowance Policy (207 kb)

Discretionary Ward Allowance Application Form_Editble (2754 kb)

Discretionary Ward Allowance - Statement of Acquittal Form - Less than $250 (2171 kb)

Discretionary Ward Allowance - Statement of Acquittal Form - Over $250 (2208 kb)

DWA Frequently Asked Questions - DWA

DWA Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for more information about DWA funding our FAQs may be able to help. For information on other categories of funding provided by Council please refer to the relevant guidelines for that grant program.

Can we use the DWA funding to buy equipment?

Yes, provided it is directly related to the project, is under $5,000, and will benefit the community beyond the funding period (applications over $5,000 may be considered in extenuating circumstances).

Does our group need to be incorporated to be eligible for DWA funding?

Yes. If that is not the case, your group will need to be auspiced by an incorporated group or organisation (shared aims) which can apply on your behalf.

Does our group, or auspice organisation need to be not-for-profit to be eligible for DWA funding?

Yes, only incorporated, not-for-profit groups or organisations are eligible to apply for Community Partnerships Funding.

Does our group need to have an Australian Business Number (ABN) to be eligible for DWA funding?

Yes. If your group does not have an ABN number then it will need to be sponsored by an incorporated group or organisation (shared aims) that has an ABN.

If our organisation is not located within the City of Charles Sturt, are we still eligible?

Yes, provided the project/activity is carried out within the City of Charles Sturt and will benefit local residents.

Do I have to include GST in the budget proposal?

Yes. All grant applications should represent the complete funding costs and be inclusive of GST.

Can the DWA funding support schools/government organisations/departments?

Schools are not eligible to apply for funding for capital works or activities that are part of the school curriculum, but can apply for funding outside of these areas providing the application meets eligibility criteria. Other Government organisations or departments are not eligible.

Can our group apply for DWA funding every year?

The same project can only be funded for a maximum of three years running. However, funding in one year does not guarantee funding in following years. Depending upon budget availability, preference may be given to applicants that have not received previous funding from Council.

Can our group apply for DWA funding more than once within a financial year?

Providing consequent submissions for funding within the same financial year are for a significantly new and different activity, yes you can.

Our project has commenced, or been completed; or will commence during the assessment period - can we still apply?

Projects that have commenced or have already been completed are not eligible for funding. We encourage applicants to clarify with your relevant Ward Councillor/s the timing of assessment processes according to the timing of your project commencing before starting your proposal, as funding is not retrospective, ie if a project or activity commences during the assessment process, that project will be ineligible for funding.

Can we apply for funding for salaries?

Recurrent salaries, or where the salary forms part of the organisation’s usual responsibility, will not be funded. Please refer to the DWA Funding Guidelines for those items that are ineligible for funding.

What do you look for in an application?

The City of Charles Sturt welcomes applications for programs, activities and services that:

  • Are based within the City of Charles Sturt
  • Will benefit a large/diverse number of people
  • Will observe access and inclusion principles
  • Create a long term social, cultural or economic value for the community
  • Build local capacity, strengthen social diversity and/or enhance the health and wellbeing of residents of the City
  • Have clear objectives and outcomes
  • Have a realistic budget and are cost effective
  • Have a high level of self-help and involvement of the members of the organisation
  • Are aligned to Council’s priorities and linked to Council’s core business and vision for the future (including alignment to Council’s Corporate Plan 2013-2017)
  • Is aligned to the DWA guiding principles
  • Meets the eligibility criteria
  • Aims to increase participation and inclusion of disengaged communities who may be marginalised, disadvantaged or have special needs
  • Supports shared interests of different generations
  • Is new and innovative
  • Supports environmental sustainability
  • Promotes and supports volunteerism as an integral part of wellbeing and active citizenship 3

What else do I need to know?

The City of Charles Sturt receives many requests and unfortunately not all of these can be met. To increase your application’s chance of success, we suggest you contact relevant Ward Councillors. The City of Charles Sturt will favourably consider submissions where an applicant can demonstrate that a project, program or activity meets the key selection criteria and principles as detailed in the DWA Guidelines.

Applications are open all year (dependent upon budget availability).

To apply, please read the DWA Funding Guidelines and discuss your proposal with the relevant Ward Councillors.

Funding proposals will be assessed against the theme area and guiding principles of the DWA funding. You will receive notification of your request within two to four weeks of your fully completed application being received.

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