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Paint the Streets with Colour

Paint the Streets With Colour

We need your help!

We invite you to reclaim the City streets and squares and fill them with colourful chalk creations throughout July & August.

Get creative and leave a piece of chalk artwork in your favourite place within the City. Invite your friends and neighbours over and get creative in your street.

Provide a bucket of chalk outside of your shop and invite community members to get involved.

All ages and abilities welcome.

We have a supply of chalk to give away to interested traders and residents, simply drop into a Charles Sturt community centre or library and pick up a bucket of chalk (3 buckets available at each location).

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #paintthestreetswithcolour on Instagram, or share them on the City of Charles Sturt's Facebook page.

Images shared with the #paintthestreetswithcolour hashtag on Instagram will be displayed below.

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