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Students helping to clean up our local beaches

24 November 2017

From 27‐30 November students from the Christian Brothers College will be collecting litter from Charles Sturt beaches at Henley, West Beach and Grange from 10am ‐ 2pm, as part of the school’s new Christian Service Learning Program.

The new program places 152 students in areas in the community where they can provide a valuable contribution.

As part of the program, 20 students will be trained up by Charles Sturt Staff and taught about the importance of proper protective equipment, how to identify litter and the methods to collect it.

The students’ involvement in this program will be promoting the benefits of a clean beach including:

  • reducing the chance of beachgoers and pets being injured or coming into contact with potential health hazards,
  • preserving biodiversity and marine life and;
  • improving the appearance of our beaches

“I am pleased to see these young men are passionate about caring for the environment and working with the community to raise awareness of the ecological issues that affect our beaches,” Mayor Evans said.

“Our beaches will be heavily visited this summer and it is important to convey to the wider community that caring for them is essential,” she said.

Charles Sturt Engineering Works Teams monitor the beach and foreshore three times a week during summer, to ensure our beaches are clean and safe for all to use.

For more information contact Kristie Johnson on 8408 1185.

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