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Paid Parking at Henley Beach

7 September 2017

The Council Agenda for Monday 11 September 2017 was published at 4pm today, including a report about Henley Paid Parking. The recommendation from Charles Sturt Council staff is that the parking meters be removed completely, with a free three hour time limit remaining in both the Northern and Southern car parks.

Elected Members will discuss the issue and vote on whether they support this recommendation at the Council meeting this coming Monday 11 September. The agenda containing the report will be available from

Charles Sturt Council Mayor and Spokesperson Angela Evans said Council Staff have explored a range of options to try and address the concerns raised over the past month by the broader community, however these options did not adequately address community concerns and opposition to paid parking.

"I know many people in the community have been following with great interest and concern the introduction of a paid parking system in the two car parks immediately to the north and south of Henley Square," Mayor Evans Said.

"At the Council meeting on 28 August, I cast the deciding vote against a motion to change the existing parking arrangements. As I stated at the time, I made this decision so that more information about the implications of paid parking could be brought back to Elected Members. Council staff have now made a recommendation that we as Elected Members will discuss and vote on in chambers on Monday night," she said.

The agenda containing the report is now available from

Council Spokesperson Mayor Evans is available for comment.

Please contact Kristie Johnson for media information on 0437 812 580.

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