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Coast Park Decision

22 September 2017

The City of Charles Sturt has received a ruling regarding the Coast Park from Semaphore to Grange. We are disappointed with the decision handed down today by Justice Blue in the Supreme Court.

Our consultation processes began in 2012 and included a wide range of mechanisms of consultation including reference groups, information open days, direct resident involvement and city wide information sharing and included thousands of interactions with people who visit our coast.

The decisions handed down in court focused on four elements; three of which were in favour of the Plaintiff and one in favour of City of Charles Sturt.

These elements related to the Community Land Management Plan (CLMP), path alignment, and the consultation policy/processes.

The land dedications argument raised by the Plaintiff was found in favour of the City of Charles Sturt.

  • Following three years of extensive consultation, the final alignment was not subject to its own specific consultation process, and this was seen as an error.
  • The CLMP performance measures were not seen to be compliant, and this particular element poses widespread implications being a precedent setting decision.

CEO Paul Sutton said that while

this has been a long and drawn out process, Charles Sturt continues to believe that Coast Park is an important community asset.

"Our community has the right to move across the coast in a way that minimises damage to the environment and accommodates all people, whether walking, jogging, pushing a pram, or using a wheelchair or bike," Mr Sutton said.

"There are a range of options going forward relating to this decision that Council needs to consider and will do so in the coming weeks," he said.

For more information contact Kristie Johnson on 8408 1185.

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