City Services Committee

Council MeetingCouncil formed a City Services Committee at its meeting on 28 November 2011 (Item 6.210). The functions of this Committee were previously combined with strategic development functions as part of the former City Services & Strategic Development Committee. These functions are no longer merged, and now operate as two separate commitees.

Previous year's agenda and minutes for both committees are available from the Related links on the right.

Committee Membership

Cr Wasylenko - Chairperson Cr Grant
Cr Alexandrides - Deputy Chairperson Cr Agius
Cr Fitzpatrick Cr Harley
Cr Keneally  Mayor ex-officio
Cr Auricht

Meetings start at 6.00 pm

4 February 2014
6 May 2014
5 August 2014
4 November 2014

February 4 2014
.pdf Minutes - City Services Committee - 4 February 2014 Minutes
.pdf Agenda - City Services Committee - 4 February 2014 Agenda

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